~ Chosen three: Cup of snowflakes

Hello on this middle November Teusday....hope this finds you all very well!
It's revelation day concerning who the lovely friend, who welcomed me with the nicest of suprises back home, is.
You might as well have already guessed from the title that is has something to do with a cup of snowflakes and an Etsy shop, which is one the chosen three for these days.

But before, how about a Love Story between two hedgehogs to begin (or proceed)
with your day?...or maybe just to take a break from every day's fast rythms, jobs and responsibilities?

Make yourself a cup of tea and perhaps indulge yourself to some cookies....I'm doing just the same right now.

Mrs and Mr Hedgehog met in a tulip field in March,  
got to know each other over drinking cups of tea,
quickly fell in love
& got married in June!

More of the story is revealed in the next pages - months of this sweet & imaginative
calendar which you may find here.

The creative illustrator & talented graphic designer behind these super lovely images is Irene, the heart, hand & mind behind Cup of snowflakes.

I' ve had the happiness of finding such a calendar in the mailbox waiting for me,
 right after I returned from Greece the other day!

Below is only a temporary display of it in our home, yet looking at it everyday has made me be looking forward to 2011, so that these two lovely hedgehogs can be officially keeping me company each day!

 On another notice, since soup season has already begun, I never have to worry about my soup boiling out again, as this super simple and awesomly beautiful wooden leaf, keeps the lid of my pot exactly in the right position :)

I can reassure you it does its job perfectly, other than looking cute, as it has already been used during the many soup sessions of the weekend!

A thoughtful present found in Sweeden while Irene was there visiting.

Irene, an Italian pretty lady in her thirties, has been designing for various customers being a freelancher, and she has already fabulous work to show!
From posters to children's books, 
to business cards, 
to even web layout.
You may visit her
~ graphic design page here
~ illustration page here
~ etsy shop here &
~ dawanda shop here

Above is one of my favorites of her graphic design work
I love the simplicity and the soft, pastel tones.

...and by sitting under such a  tree dressed in autumn mood, I'll be leaving you for now.
I'll be coming back soon with a few more Etsy shops to share.

Take care,
Ivy ~ xx


  1. She is amazing.... i just love her work :) Thank you for sharing this Ivy xx Big hugs to both of you ... Natalie xx

  2. Hi Nataly :)

    Yes indeed she is!...she's not much of a self promoter but she has wonderful work to show. Hope you hop over @ her pages!

    Thank's for stopping by. Have a great day xx

  3. Thank you so much Ivy for all the beautiful things you wrote about me! I was so happy when I read the post that I forgot to leave a comment :)

  4. You are very welcome my sweet cup of snowflakes :)
    No worries, I know you have like it, as you said it in so many other ways!

    Still, reading it also here, right under the post makes me even more happy :)

    Love to you in Alps! xoxo