Simple Maths for a... geliebtes Zuhause!

hello dears!
am coming rather unexpectedly to post about a simple... mathematical equation {yes indeed!}, 
leading to a  "geliebtes Zuhause" or else a beloved home

... got your inspiration notebooks ready?

 ~> 2 inexpensive & providing super storage kitchen cupboards, adjusted on the wall next to each other, while the doors are facing each other +
~> 2 white glass elements: a lamp & a vintage milkglass candle holder +
~> 2 elements in neon colors: 
1 book + 1 basket 
~> 1 comfortable rocking chair

equal =
a  cozy corner set by a big window!
{here in the main bedroom on the 2nd floor of our new home}

here is the simple mathematical equation:

~ don't you love it when things are easy? I know I do ; )
~ find the products clockwise from top left here ~> booklamp, rocking chairbasket
~ and the kitchen cabinets used to create a sideboard here

See you later tonight with the surprise mentioned in yesterday's post! I just had to pause a moment and take a few shots of this beloved corner in the bedroom, as the afternoon sun was making it look sweet & fresh as ever... smiles :*)


  1. Oh dear, this is the kind of math that I like!!
    Lovely pics as usual ;-)

    1. somehow I knew you would be attracted to this corner and post my dear. When you visit over you can be exchanging your crocheting places: up here & down in the reading corner ;)... and I'll be a very hard working & devoted student I promise xx

  2. This is genius! And that basket from Ikea is just WOW! It would be perfect for my bedroom, when I've had enough of all the white I could pop out that basket with some pretty pink tulips :)

    1. Marianna, so glad you like this :) Yes to tulips in the basket to break your all white environment! Pictures please when you do so! ;)

  3. What a nice blog you have! I just found you now and I'll be back :) Have a great Wednesday!

    1. Hello Myke, welcome on board, very happy that you like being around :)

  4. I love how you make things so simple :) That's why you're so good at what you do Xx.

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment Holly dear :) I guess I'm trying to set an example to follow for myself in every aspect of life ;)
      Btw, girl surprise finally live on the blog! Hope you to enjoy it, xoxo