3 little deer welcoming... March ~

hello there!

 I promised myself to pass by and make even a tiny post welcoming the new month...
 so here I am,

 ... among wallpapering walls
 ... organizing in detail {finally after almost 4 months!} kitchen drawers
 ... frequent trips to Ikea
 ... bringing home doors to perfect our storage system
 ... indoor & outdoor plants & flowers
 ... spending time with our neighbors,
 having their adorable 16 month old daughter over for occasional visits...
 ... finally also accepting the visit of a dear friend...

 all that after some days of emotional turmoil resulting from being concentrated on past traumas.

 not the wisest thing to have done, but so it turned out to be
 & now that days have passed, may I say
 that there is an internal clearance & newly risen peace

Life is nice, simple, calm, delightful at times & full...

sun rises early & our still untreated windows bring in the morning sun,
waking me up early...
the silence from the woods broken by tweeting birds...
who have been paying visits to the veranda & winter garden...

there is much to share 
so will happen...
after all, you must know by now I always return 
 am ever present here even when silent or taking a break

technically speaking, difficulties seem to be reaching to an end,
 after an new Internet server has been ordered,
works in the house proceeding in a more satisfying pace,
while results start to be more & more evident...

till the next post here {sooner than it took this one to take place for sure ; )}
I thought you might want  to have a look at the 1st blog post of our Kitchen Adventures
as shared on Ikea Family Live

... nice way to wish a
Happy First of March to everyone, or?... 

last but not least at all, did I mention that while walking through the woods heading to the - then - frozen lakes about a week ago
while my mother was visiting, 
three little deer just like Bambi passed before us?

I feel that I'm living in a fairy tale...
one which is truer than any of the truths...


P:S: stumbled upon {this} beautiful illustration by Madame Lolina, while on Pinterest recently... glad I did... it served wonderfully in unfolding this post  :*)


  1. Happy March Iro!!

    When I saw the deer picture, I had to smile to myself ;)

    ... and then your words: "I feel that I'm living in a fairy tale...
    one which is truer than any of the truths...". Well. My heart just smiled !!!

    There is so much more to come in your new home, but what you have achieved so far is glorious! Keep it up girl!


    1. ... nothing like a friend's positive thinking & comments. Thank you so much my dear! I hope you to be witnessing every step of it! xoxo

  2. Beautiful illustration, as well as you new kitchen! Your new home is becoming really home! Congratulations for the feature on IKEA Family Live and I wish you an happy month!

    1. Thank you very much Andreia! Wishing you a wonderful March, too :)

  3. A beautiful and fantastic kitchen Iro. Thank you for taking the time to show it off. We loved learning more about this project and how it has helped enhance your space.