snow & tulips ~ yes, it is...

this is to a happy & blessed Monday for us all my dears

   may a creative & peaceful week unfold before us,
  something so much needed
  taking into consideration 
  all the problems, misery, difficulties
  that also coexist in the world
 {people blessed with charismas} such are heavenly voices giving up on their lives,
 once {glorious nations} falling apart,
 not to mention the billions of people
 all around the world suffering 
 {hunger}, poor & inhuman life conditions

times like that,  having less seems not so important
 actually it magnifies the importance of everything
we are blessed with each one of us

and we are blessed with a roof above our heads
which also has a winter garden
and which in the meantime
is almost fully renovated & isolated, offering a direct view to the woods 

I guess it should be lovely in Spring here :*)

... envisioning gatherings & creative seminars taking place around the large table
sitting 8-10 people...

till then, inspire yourselves with a {table setting for two}
by amazing Nina Holst,
offering a non typical Valentine's environment,
focusing on nature's elements, pastels
and one adorable simplicity,
allowing the stars of the day (or night)
to be noone else but the ones involved.

absolutely adoring it
feeling very honored that our Shop's
is incorporated in such a wonderful way

see you here soon.
take care.
cherish & celebrate love each day .


  1. Beautiful pics - hope you´re having a great Monday! :-)

    1. Thank you Tina, glad yo ulike them :) - all these past days could have been better. Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead!

  2. we have plenty of snow here in Romania, I might as well go out and buy some tulips :)
    lovely pics!

    1. Anka, hope you got yourself some nice tulips. Fresh flowers are always nice :)

  3. Plenty of love from far away, Iro mou! Things will get better... soon.. I'm sure! xoxoxo

    1. Thank you so much for coming over & your sweet support Katerina mou. Sending my love to you ,too! xoxo

  4. beautiful words my dear! and such a pretty and elegant table by nina! your garland just added more beauty to that table! i love the pastels and natural elements! have a beautiful day!

    1. Glad you liked Nina's table setting & this post Claudia. Thank you for passing by :) Have a lovely day & weekend ahead!

  5. Beautiful words, beautiful images... It's so good to visit you :)

    1. Fiona thanks, I'm really happy to read this. It's great to have readers like you! xoxo

  6. I have so much to be grateful for. Thank you for reminding me :) Hope you are having a lovely relaxing Sunday.

    1. Hello Marianna my dear,

      it's good to be reading that you are having so much to be thankful for. I'm glad for that & actually reminds me of all that I'm thankful for, now that some rough emotional days have been taking place.
      Warm regards & many thanks for your visit. I love having you around.
      Wishing you a lovely Friday + WE ahead.

  7. Sending my love to you and I do think of your parents now and then...my love to them too my dear XX

  8. The pictures are great.
    The snow behind the tulips...wow!