Solid values ~ visions & silent destinations ~

well, happy Saturday there!
    today, after a week since the last post here,
 some pictures of our new reading corner part of our living room
 are coming to say hello to you...

 photographed in different weather conditions through out the week that passed,
like grey skies, blue skies, sunshine & snow falling...

 we've been actually having snow since some days now 
 & I do love it so with all my heart. 
 how about you?
 should you be living in Europe, the chances are high that low temperatures & snow
have come your ways, too... right?
 for me, a Greek girl grown up by the sea,  winters in Germany are all about the snow, 
 which makes then Spring's arrival so much welcome & worthy...

now here's a little thought in between all talking:

as this has turned out quite a long post, 
rather than at the end,
 I thought you might like to be listening to something 
while you are going through pictures & hopefully (ha!) reading.

so here's my suggestion:
a digital album, consisting of a collection of beautiful, ambient, acoustic music,
composed by some brilliantly talented people,
originating from all around the world,
dear friends from mother country Greece,
for whom a fully dedicated post is the least their
music deserves.

By purchasing the album for $5,
you are entitled to a full download,
while 100% of the earnings is contributed to the Red Cross Society in favor of Thailand.

here's a paragraph extract quotated from the full informative text found {here}:

"While the worst of the Thai floods has passed now, there are still thousands of flood victims that are facing numerous problems, including destroyed homes, health issues, polluted water, and many more. In response to this, Malaysia-based indie label, mu-nest, has teamed up with Bangkok-based design house/music label, Mink’s, to curate this fund-rising charity compilation album, to express what we feel for Thailand people in the depths of our hearts, and to help with what we do best: the most honest, simple, and subtle music."

One has to be  überhappy*

*personally built word combining German & English,
standing for happiness felt from the very deep inside

when coming along such efforts
finding place on the Internet.

{Mink}, partly responsible for making this happen
is a label whose products you want to get to know,
ones you cannot but simply love....
I might show you my favorite ones in another post...

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

this is my way of wishing you to have one
wonderful weekend
thanking you once more for your meaningful & truly heart touching comments 
on the latest post... {Marianna}... what a lady you are...
thank you so much my dear ~

... also wishing to let you know that I'm doing fine,
having spent a week alongside photographing corners of our new  home
& other jobs,
making teas, coffees, snacks & occasionally lunches & dinners
for three lovely men,
who would be:
 ~> my life partner (even though we have both totally destroyed each other' s nerves)
~> his best & childhood friend from Prague who has been a guest of ours 
~> our German technician who has made little wonders during the past two weeks
in what used to be a very problematic winter garden
 who all three btw share one more little thing in common:
they are all travelling to the East this month

My partner & his friend other than relaxing from their stressy & high responsibility jobs,
will be visiting quite a few different countries and cities,
them together, two friends since decades,
enjoying their silent bond,
while sightseeing...
and returning a little bit closer to the wonderful men that they are,
which perhaps they yet need to discover...
we'll see...

In between, I'll have all the time needed to set up home here,
while I'll be enjoying my mother's company soon to be arriving from Greece...
smiles :*) 

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

ummm, right... after all this rambling, 
how about some words about the pictures shared above?

Yes! here we go:

the room's direction is South Eastern,
(much like the main bedroom's, located exactly above it on the 2nd floor)
at the moment, 11th of February, during the last official month of winter,
the sun rises 45° to the left just behind the woods.

the light & actual sun shining inside - to my pleasant surprise - surpasses my expectations.
It can be really bright and warm in here reminding a lot of
the positive aspects of life in {the Penthouse}
this corner, much as the whole room and house, 
are a continuation of the space set up in our previous home.

being owners this time,
making investments is a logical decision
one which will pay back when the time of resell comes.
In the meantime,
we'll be enjoying & loving our home day by day...

It's quite nice that there is no need for temporary solutions,
like the {wallpaper samples}, used to dress up our previous reading corner's wall.

Instead, three different favorite designs have... jumped out of their frames,
got... magically (mmm, money helped too in fact) transformed into rolls of them
and will be anytime soon getting adjusted 
on the walls of three different rooms.
(Details & planning in a post to come)

In the last of the pictures above, you can see 
                                     the one we chose for the living room wall on the left as we enter,

resting on the {Besta cabinets} 
(which have now multiplied by 3),
 catching some sun rays next to {Ikea P.S Jonsberg vase}

Abstractly formed barks of birches
in shades of white, off white & silver grey,
colors, tones & hues that will be answered in varied ways & textures all around this space.

oh heaven....

From the fact that this sample was chosen three times - notice below -  to be part of 
our previous set up, it was clear that this is a favorite.

Also love the fact that actually now living by the woods,
it totally fits as a concept.

 letting personal experience & studies speak, I seem to find that establishing contact & relations with a living space's external environment is a key factor to a sense of smoothness, balance & making most of one's reality.

I might adore turquoise,
but I'll wait for it to be used
the day we own a house by the sea...
other than my parents' {Apart 44} 

wishful thinking or a silent master plan?
well, one can never know ; )

till then, little touches of this color & shades of aqua are here and there, bringing a nice color addition,
which I' ll show you quite soon

take care & enjoy your weekends dears ~ xoxo


All pictures by Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos from my personal portfolio portraying our two living residences in Germany


  1. so happy to visit .. a visual feast with words to match!

  2. A beautiful sneaky peek of your new reading corner .. I`m glad things are starting to come together for you in your new home :) Have a lovely weekend dear Iro .xx

  3. oh my dear, i love the light on every single photo of your new reading corner! i myself have been changing things around, but instead of buying new things, i'm just moving them from one room to another, which on this small apartment can only mean one thing >> from the bedroom to the living-room and the other way around! i'm glad that you're finally finding beauty on your new home, i can see several reasons to find beauty, as the images you have been sharing, though just small corners and not yet the entire room view, makes me believe that you're making a beautiful home. and in an instance you'll feel again at home, among beautiful, relaxing and meaningful objects and rooms! your home is already writing a story... this is just the very first chapter! many more delicious ones to come! have a lovely week! hugs

  4. How fun to see your living room in different weather conditions. I love the sunny one. It´s really makes it magical.
    Looks beautiful, dear<3

    Btw. I´m mentioning your cute "paper boat garland" in my post today. I love it, and this time I´ve used it for my Valentine´s table setting. Perfect since it´s called Love & Luck :) Thank you for all the beautiful things that you create.

    Wish you a lovely new week!


  5. So cozy your reading corner. Love it!! I've always wanted a reading corner at home but I haven't done it yet. But with this inspiration let's see when I go through the project :)

  6. What a relaxing, cosy and soothing space you have created here :)

  7. Dear Holly,

    what an honor to have you here on my blog! I truly love your presence through your blog and your social media platforms.

    Thank you for your kind words so much. The relaxing, cozy and soothing place I have created here will be out my daily reach in a few days.
    I'm leaving after my life partner's decision to proceed in his life without me.

    I'll be staying together with my parents in Athens {after almost 6 years in Germany} until I establish my business, regular money flow & also recover emotionally.

    I love everything about my life here. And I want to come back to it.

    I promise myself that the next place, my HOME, will not be short of any of the positive attributes my current home has.

    Thank's so much for passing by! Have a great Sunday there in Amsterdam, xo