this weekend, be your beautiful self

a {handwritten note} since about a year and a half, {one of the first shots made with my then new camera
 in the house} is still very dear to me,
 so very dear that I'm bringing it here {again} in order to wish you a nice weekend
  together with it share lots of what has been
 firing my inspiration's brain cells since about last night I guess...

 {leather bags} by {Yvone Kone} as photographed by {Line klein}
in dark basic and earthy colours,
 found through {Lotta Agaton},
 one lady whose styling abilites are marking me lately...

 {Jill Sander's villa} in Germany's Hamburg...
probably my ever favorite tree,
as seen through a promising point of view
that lets me dream while awake...

and then
happiness can strike so easily when seeing
{these} three identical pendant lights in 3 colours,
hanging above a wooden table
surrounded by chairs in Danish design that 
make my heart skip...

mainly these images & {this reminder}
and it was enough for a collage / mood board... marathon to begin...
inspiration bringing inspiration...

isn't it in fact so magical when it happens?

here is what happened more or less, 
starting from the top left corner
and moving down ...

can you perhaps follow the steps?

the essence that I wish to bring to this weekend - that has almost arrived  btw - is to :

be my beautiful self,

after managing to be the worst person that I could just a week ago,
giving in to frustration, failing to see the positive sides
being temporarily stuck in
a very unproductive cirle...

I thought perhaps it would encourage you too
to do the same

this is why the final moodboard made today,
features the messages to be kept close to hearts & minds,
and be put into action:

have a happy weekend & be your beautiful self...
everyone has such sides,
it's totally up to us to bring them out
& insist on emphasising them when situations are difficult


risking to make this one of this usual long posts 
I'm often concerned require too much of your effort and attention,
there are few on line places & a very special thank you I'd like to share and point out
before "the end" is written for today...


{this gorgeous online inspiring website} found via amasing {Desire and her blog}cannot but be adored by all interior & make over lovers

then, how super inspiring to watch all the pictures & videos over at  {Freunde von Freunden},
and find out about another {brilliant couple}...

and then last but certainly not least, {this} breathtaking life diary, whose posts as so real like the air that you breathe...  inspiring, enchanting, thought & feeling provoking...

{this is my most favorite post} from the ones I' ve read so far. Oh please to take some time to read it, you won't waste any of your time, I promise and while you do so listen...

For finding this blog, it's my dear friend Holy from {HvH Interiors}, that I have and want to thank... together with sending her a big hug, for having left a comment in the {previous post} which totally touched me.

You cannot imagine how comforting it is to hear & read positive things about yourself & your abilites from someone who knows both your good & bad sides in real life, when you actually need it the most, but don't dare to admit to yourself...

well my dears, one long day, one long post & hopefully what we'll experience as one long & happy weekend.

love being here with you & for you ! Till next time  ~ xox


All collages & the "happy weekend" note picture in this post are made and curated by Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos for Domestic Stories with Ivy. Thank you for linking back properly.


P.S: picture credit for the female figure in the snow used in the last collage {here}
via {this} so interestingly & well put together photo collection blog,
where I arrived thanks to Lyssan's from {Pure living Interiors} gorgeous sense of stlyle.

P.S 2: making the links to this post has so taken forever, still it is worth it. Hope you enjoy & cherish them


  1. Be your beautiful self - now this is a really adorable motto to start this weekend! I will try my best to zoom out work and be just 'my beautiful self' this weekend (...and beyond). Have a happy weekend, Iro!

  2. Hi Ivy,

    first of all Thank You so much for your compliment. I'm very flattered :) If you could see me right now, you would see a bit of blush on my face ... thank you for percieving and mentioning this skill. As myself I don't percieve it as so special as it always was this way and I just developed it without 'noticing' or doing something special to achieve it. And so just Thank you for mentioning and reminding me of it as gift. :*)
    Maybe I shall learn to appreciate it a bit more and to percieve it as a part of my beautiful self :)

    But anyway, I really love this post and I so cherrish the it - not only for all the lovely links you put into it (will definitly have a look and will surely find loads of inspiration there) but for giving us insight into the 'process' that this post made and about how all the inspiration along its way came to together step by step.
    And then of course, it's beautifully written. I totaly love the way you write and your posts always touchs me - just likeminded hearts ... filled with so much beauty.

    Have a lovely, happy and beautiful weekend, my dear.
    Lysann xoxo

  3. Oh Iro!! Somehow I missed this post. So much has been going on lately and I haven't had much time to keep up with what's going on online. But I'm sooooo touched by your mention here (thank you!!) and I'm so glad that you care for my comment. I meant every word and believe them strongly.

    This collage / mood board and your words are inspiriting as usual, always reminding us to be positive and honest and real. Thank you so much, it is important that we are reminded of this because it's easy to lose sight of the big picture or what really maters sometimes. I'm drooling over the bags and those pendant lights! The colours are so attractive! I like birch trees too, but after weeping willows - they are my favourite trees. I find them so romantic :)

    Have a lovely day! Xx.

    ps. I'm coming back on Thursday! This week!! Only for two weeks, but still - see you soon ;)

  4. Iro you are such an inspiration. I love how you share the journeys in life so honestly. We all stumble and sometimes we need picking up other times we manage to pick ourselves up. You ahve great talent and is a real inspiration to many with your work and your sense for beautiful things. I think it takes one to know one - especially when it comes to beauty. So you must have it :)