~ unplugged & chills down the spine...

~ hello everyone :)
 I'm happy to be managing to post here today, even if it is late evening already!

how have you been?
 there's a lot of time spent working at home
from this side of the world, which one the hand is wonderful,
on the other hand makes me desire a new actual
interior decoration project & interration with people
of course...

have gathered a few moments of today to go along with some thoughts & pictures...

ready to come along with me?

~ as seem from the recent pictures all over, {this vintage} camera is dominating our table

~ lots of {these recycled jars} have been gathered by now
  providing the chance to enjoy candle light all over our place
 since we supplied ourselves with a few {packages of hundreds of candlelights},
they can burn day & night, making every grey day brighter, warmer & more inviting...

~ have been working on our shop, where the {30% summer sale} is continuing until the end of August.
we think that it is a marvelous chance to get more for less, while focusing on quality
and possibly stock up for Christmas... yes?

~ we 'd just love to "virtually" see you there, get in contact with you
and be of service :)

~ speaking of the shop, there is a {new set of cards} avaliable in the stationary department 
it's all about architecture & opening the {doors of your life}

~ there is a lot of energy and time needed and invested in finding a place for us to live
 it is a very emotional process for me, which is the reason why I'm generally more quiet
than I have usually lately been

~ a lot of past losses passed by before my eyes these days... leading clearly to a need in establishing
new basis... making new beginnings, this time more consciously & more aware

~ it's not a fairy tale love any more...
I have really relocated in Germany since more than 3 years now

  ~ ~ ~

from around the blogosphere, 
~ have been adoring all Annalena's latest posts and especially this simple, oh so charming 
posted in her D.I.Y column at Emma's design blog.

~ I'm loving Nina Holst's {hallway}, actually her whole living space is just amazing!
 the thought that some of our shop's items are to be hosted
there, makes me happy and very honoured

~ the styling of them both inspired this moodboard, the making of which, I've promised to post about.
for now, here is just a taste of the final outcome:
a "live" moodboard in naturals & grey...

I have been loving using my 50mm lens set to 1.7mm,
capturing light on everyday objects around our home,
as they are... unplugged... unstyled...  

[this image is slightly altered to the first, just for the record ;)]

~ have been going through our travelling pictures, finding favorites,
which mostly mark unforgettable moments,
& deep feelings ...

this is a church in the {Monastery of Randa in Mallorca},
where we spent a {short winter vacation} last year

I still remember the incredible quiet and stillness, with the nuns' angelic voices being the only interruption...

divine feelings... or rather feelings beyond description... goose bumps on the skin...
chills running down the spine
deep, silent joy...

... I guess I'll leave you this way ...
wishing you a wonderful evening & a good night

~ ~ ~

also wishing luck to everyone who has entered the {give away},
which just closed a little while ago.
the winner will be announced in the upcoming days!

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  1. Wow, I love your photography. How awesome to be working with Ikea!