~ act naturally

hello everyone!

how are you?

in case you are wondering about my yesterday's  b u t t e r f l i e s  in the stomach,
I should report that all of my actions are being 
will go on being concentrated on taking care of them
eventually releasing them out in the nature,
 cause when you think about it,
this is the only place butterflies belong to... right? ; )

in this spirit, here are memorable parts of this day:

 waking up 
 seeing the sunrise right from our balcony
  actually last evening found me there,
laying under a blanket full of stars,
an occurance not so common since my relocation in Germany.

it therefore called for extra celebration, so our usual & rather early sleep routine,
gave place to candle light in jars like {these},
spread all over the veranda
a blanket on the floor to lie down...

feelings of bliss & lots of emotionality...

another moment:
intense rain shower in the afternoon
me running at the veranda in a glimpse of an eye,
to allow myself to get wet from the pouring rain...

so purifying & refreshing!...
have been wanting for a long time to do that

photos of this vintage Beirette,
found at an Athenian flea market, some 10 years ago

as the light quickly became cold cause of the absense of sun,
I thought that photographing
colourless objects might be a good idea...

  am actually not disappointed with the outcome...

 and you...what do yout think?
she is a stylisn lady, not?

... and a final moment worth of mentioning:
two quotes from {this} book I'm reading:

~> "act naturally"

~>  "Your honesty will produce as much satisfaction for you as it will for others"

do you sometimes find that being honest complicates life sometimes?
have you thought that perhaps eventually it simplifies it?

I tend to be finding the second more close to my personal truth,
 cause after all, there is one single person
we cannot let down in this lifetime of ours:



here are a few fabulous places to visit for inspiration,
following the black & white  routine of this post:
this this + that {here with pops of colour}

see you with a next more summery & colourful post
promise ; )

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  1. What a beautiful vintage camera. I want it T_T - Barbara