~ like a tourist...

like a tourist...

other than thanking you very dearly for all the thoughtful responses on this recent
post & wishing you a lovely new week ahead,

there will be at the moment rather fewer things said & shared
here than I'd like to,
as there is still time needed for things to merge inside
and reach peacefullness...

on top of that, there are numerous obligations to be taken care off,
like submitting work, completing interviews, replying to mails,
preparing promised posts
that have fallen behind, 
to name but a few...

still, the weekend was relaxing, enjoying the unexpectedly wonderful weather,
working on preparing orders, photographing, visiting new places, meeting lovely new people,
all of which
I' ll have the pleasure of sharing here later...

till then my dears, please, do meet my Tourist,
working on electrical batteries,
of else the cutest portable 
mini record player ever,
made in France by Teppaz
given to me by my father...

the more I see it , the more I adore it
and just love its grey... outfit
friendly curves...

just thinking that on my next trip to Greece,
I'd love to choose a few records to bring with!

shots above made this Saturday, capturing light that I so much love...

and... oh well... 

 a few more shots of what I have been working on, before I go...
as I thought you might like that ; )

customly made paper boat garlands,
two of which are since yesterday hunging in the stylish corners
of one of Frankfurt's most delightful cafes
{revelation + full post on its way as you may have well guessed!}

a newly designed garland soon to be available on the shop's shelves
{please contact me via mail for a pre order, booking this specific one - as it's one of a kind,
or placing a similar custom order}

notebooks handmade by me all the way,
shortly avaliable in various designs at the shop's paper goods section

 a new collection of 16  highly recommended choices  from the
super inspiring corridors of etsy,
slowly getting you in an autumn mood ~>

I hope these are enough to keep you busy & inspired until the next post ; )

be well & take care ~ 


P.S: as I have clearly forgotten to watermark the pictures of this post & am short of time into doing so at the moment, they are "all rights reserved" & produced by Iro- Ivy Nassopoulos for Domestic stories with Ivy, 2011. Merci. 

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