There can be so much l o v e...

When it all looks as if  THE END has come,

I'll pick up my paint brush and draw A NEW BEGINNING.

I'll draw and build a life where love & creativity prevails

A life where shortcomings, difficulties & apparent blockades are but

a CHANCE to gain insight, 

to deeply comprehend,

to listen close to the heart,

 to accept and 

fear not to let go of all we LOVE.

For how could we ever loose all that we truly love?

that would be a contradiction

Life makes its circles,

people we deeply love might go,

but so long as we keep them in our hearts

they remain forever alive.

About letting go,

the time for me has finally come

to let those fears behind...

let them turn into a fairy dust...

 a fairy dust of countless sparkling stars that will serve

as my guide through my quest in life.

I let go of the child inside of me...

it has been enough loved and can finally grow up

I let go of my fear of being poor & alone

I embrace the woman I have developed into

I set up plans to support my life & my dreams,

step by step every day,

one day at a time

always keeping my vision crystal clear in sight,

while simmultaneously allowing space for it to manifest 

in any way it's meant to be the best.

Hello everyone,

I've missed SO MUCH being HERE

I'm sorry for some readers that were dissappointed

and so very grateful for all those people,

who despite the silence here

kept on believing, having trust and patiently awaiting for the time

that this place is ACTIVE again.

Thank you to all new readers who subscribed despite the inactive posting of last months.

There'll be lots to share and so much WORK to do!

If you are reading this,

give me a shout, by raising your hand, puttng a smile on your face

and letting me know that together with you,



to share with the world & the ones I love.

Kindly yours,
Iro - Ivy

Collage creation: Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos for Domestic Stories with Ivy 2013

Picture credit from left to right: 


  1. Beautifully written. Looking forward to reading more from you again.

    1. Thank you Claudia!

      Coming straight from the heart & a place where it feels some wisdom lies, open to be accessed by everyone...


  2. Of course you can =)
    We are here, we always wait for your beautiful inspirations, just to make our life a little prettier.

    1. Eleni!
      Thank you so much for the support! It means a lot coming from you!
      I admire your work and find Crete such a beautiful place on earth...

      I need to build my home my dear... so that the person I love can come live with me. Whenever the time will be right, in whichever corner of earth.

      Filia from me, too + much love,

  3. bienvenida de nuevo,un abrazo

  4. It's pretty lovely to see a new post over here

  5. You are Here, and that is what counts.

    1. Sweet Iris :)

      So nice to find you Here, too! Thank you for coming over to share and emphasize the importance and power of The Present Moment.

      Yes, I'm Here indeed. So incredibly happy for that :)

      Enjoy the weekend in your amazing home my dear!
      Iro xoxoxo

  6. Hi Ivy
    It's good to hear from you again.
    I have no doubt that you can do anything you want.

    1. No doubt eh?
      This is a very powerful statement, thank you dearly for the strong support Danielle! It's incredibly precious.

      Wishing you to have a great weekend!
      Iro xoxo

  7. I'm so glad and happy, that you be back!!!! ;-)

    Affectionate regards

    1. Thank you dear Claudia! Warmest of regards and best if wishes to you, too :) xoxo

  8. You can do it Ivy! Happy to see you back!Big hugs and prayers with a smile and a wave from across the big pond. Wishes for happier tomorrows filled with good and blessed experiences & people to guide your new way!

    1. Thank you my dear Trisha!

      It's heartwarming knowing that one prays for us just so, simply and generously :)

      Warm hugs across the big pond, over which I wish to soon fly! There is so much to see, so many people to meet, so many things to do and engage into!

      To happier tomorrows, build right here right now ;)
      Enjoy the weekend with your family, xoxoxo

  9. Good to se you back! I missed you, girl!

    1. Such a nice thing to hear! Thank you for coming over!

      Love & wishes for a wonderful weekend ahead for you,
      Iro xoxo

  10. Iro how wonderful to see you at the top of my blogroll again! You are so wonderfully talented and inspiring. The world is your oyster so enjoy every new moment :-)

    1. Oh dear... you know Caroline, I never thought that next to the word "talented" people would ever mention my name... In fact, I didn't even think that people would ever even know my name, except maybe meighbours and friends with whom we live physically close to one another.
      It is really, very, very touching. Thank you so much for this gift. You are very generous and undoubtedly so very talented yourself.

      "The world is your oyster, so enjoy every moment"... simply precious, thank you for sharing!

      Have a lovely weekend!
      Iro xoxoxo

  11. Iro I'm happy you are back! And I know that a new happy beginning' waiting for you!
    a big big hug

    1. Valentina, happy to find you here! Thank you for the support, you are such a lovely person! The beginning has already begun, right here, in the present. It will take roots and grow stronger and stronger each day. I'm an avid gardener, so I'll keep the plants I planted with my own hands fresh, alive and protect them from storms and sometimes nature's outbursts. We {hmmm, in this case "we" must refer to my plants & me}are currently safe and we'll be safe, loved and living in love and with love. We'll see where, but I assure me each day, it'll be beautiful and have lots of light and potential. To support my life and share with loved ones and the world :)

      Love to you in Italy!
      I'd love that we arrange with Ilaria to meet altogether!
      Iro, xoxoxo

  12. Nice to see you again! :-)

    1. Thank's Tina! So nice to find you here :) xoxo

  13. Hi Ivy, so happy to see you back, wishing you a sweet weekend! x

    1. Hi my dear Tory!

      Thank's for coming to say hello :)
      A lovely weekend to you, too!


  14. Ivy - so good you're back. Don't give up! I missed you here. Never let any circumstances decide about what you do. Do, what you love to do, you're good at it!
    xo, FrauSchmitt

    1. Liebe FrauSchmitt!

      how lovely to find your comment here! Thank you for taking the time :)Your comment is so crucial, it acts like a a stream of light through a foggy walk around the lakes...

      Much love & ganz liebe Grüße,
      Und ein schönes, langes Wochenende!
      Iro, xoxoxo

  15. My sweet friend,
    I'm happy to know that you are again on your beautiful route!
    We miss you a lot!
    I hope that our love for you, also be a good brick to build the life you propose and deserve. Almost without you knowing, you enrich our lives with your wonderful attitude, your sweetness and unique aesthetic.
    You have all the elements to make a memorable and valuable life, full of substance.
    Lots of kisses and a big warm hug from Uruguay
    I am happy with your return!

    1. My darling & beautifully talented friend Patricia,

      tight hugs all the way to Urugay to you!
      Few words can express how your message has touched me but I'll try my best. Yes, you bring me happiness. Yes, love is such a solid basis, such a great, strong brick to build upon. Yes, I feel and believe that love is such a powerful situation to decide to live in. Emotionally, intellectually and practically. Love can be manifested in actions and this is my purpose and plan. The time has come for it to be taking shape while unfolding.

      Once more thank you so much, you are so generous and someone who lives in and practices love yourself. Truly thankful to know people like you and all other sweet & kind friends who are participating in this effort unfolding through this blog.

      Have a lovely weekend!
      Iro xoxoxo

  16. I have missed you dear Ivy xo

    1. Hi Beverly!

      Sweet of you to say, thank you for coming over to share :)
      Take care my friend,
      Iro xoxo

  17. Hi Ivy!
    Welcome!! I love your blog with beautiful ideas.

    Olá Ivy
    Seja bem vinda! Eu amo seu blog com suas ideias lindas.

    from Brazil

    1. Hello to you in Brazil Regiane!

      great to hear from you and thank you so much for the kind words :)

      Beijinos {I love Portuguese language + would love to learn!}
      Iro xx

    2. Thank you so much

      Muito obrigada :)

  18. My drag Iro, I can't tell you how Happy I am to see you are back and writing again. I have missed you, but have come back often to re read your old posts. Hope you are well and full of all the joys that make you smile and happy. Your writing is so beautiful you are an inspiration to me

    Love and best wishes Laura xxx

  19. Hello Laura,

    I hope words will prove not so poor to express how incredibly happy I'm for this comment of yours. I never thought that being missed would mean so much to me. What I'd like to concentrate and work on now, is establising and creating a dialogue with all of you, who have thought off and felt so warmly of me, while I wasn't really aware of that.

    I don't want to be missed any more + I don't want to miss anyone, too. Life is too precious for that. I'm so incredibly thankful for all that is being offered to me right now, support from appreciative readers like you being one of them.

    I wish to pour myself out to the world, embrace all possibilities, so that I can earn all that I need to live as I wish. In material and emotioanl abundance, for me to enjoy, while sharing it with others, hopefully also managing to encourage and inspire people, too.

    Much love & my warmest of wishes to you,

  20. Hello, lovely to see you back here again :-) happy blogging!

    1. Hi Samantha!

      Thank's for the welcome :)
      Yes, happy blogging!

      xo, Iro

  21. Dear Iro,
    now I finally have the time to write some lines to you. Have been meaning to do that during the past days but with the long holiday weekend and kids around because of that, couldn't find enough quiet time to do so.

    First of all I am so glad you're back.

    I have missed you a lot. Funny enough I had a conversation on Instagram with Nina Holst of www.stylizimo.com and Maria Pazos of www.daglig.es about you 2 weeks ago. (Nina posted 2 of your prints on Instagram and received 196 likes for it by the way). We all said that we miss you - and *bam* here you are.

    Although I surely wish that the circumstances that made you re-surface would be better/ different for you.
    I wish to you with all my heart that you will master the present challenges.
    I can already tell that they set free your creative spirit and inspire you.
    The greatest artists have created there finest master pieces when they were suffering from heartbreak ;-)

    Love and Light to you my friend,

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. My dear Imke,

      always a kindest supporter, encourager and really good friend to me! I won't say much, other that it was by reading your comment that I wenst to sleep, feeling joy in my heart & immense gratefulness that you came here to write and share.

      I'll see that I contact Nina to properly thank her for her always and ever supporting friendship, too.

      I currently have no instagram account. But I'll do so as soon as I'm able to pay for it. And I'll gladly - still always carefully & selectively - be sharing moments of my life with you & those who care to have a look and connect.

      Much love to you and your lovely family!
      I'll keep in touch,
      Iro, xoxo

    3. You are very welcome!!! Instagram is jou and curse at the same time. I am totally addicted!
      It would be great to have you around there too.
      Have a nice day, dear Iro!

      Imke <3

    4. :) I'll be happy to be around.

      If I may share a thought with you my dear friend, how about trying to keep the J o y o u s part of it, while leaving addiction out? Then perhaps the "curse" part will also go away ;)

      In the middle of planning a day with lots to do, while also doing. Happy for everything that I can do at the moment, nevertheless.

      Enjoy your day!
      A warm hug,