~ recovering stress relief...

....what an adventure with Blogger these past days!
...ok compared to the happenings here in Greece, it is a tiny little spot in a huge map 
of difficulties...so, the fact that a blog post disappeared from the drafts and published section of Domestic stories  is certainly not a big deal.

How are you all?...I'm really sorry that some of the lovely comments you had left have also vanished.
But do know that I had read them and they made me smile, as they always do.
Thank you :)

I'm reposting here the pictures of the delicious chocolate souffle I'm so often mentioning about happily baking.
All the recipe's ingredients and instructions can be found right {here},
as blogged for the online magazine of Ikea Fanily Live.

In the meantime, take a look at the pictures below 

 come meet me at the end of the post for some more news ;)

...as you saw there are just a few basic ingredients
and making it is a very simple, enjoyable and actually quite relaxing process.
...almost as stress relieving as:
~ sitting by the beach, 
~ relaxing with your favorite book 
~ practising yoga perhaps...

...when you get to trying the recipe out, I'd love to find out how it went!
 ...seeing pictures would also be great, 
so how about linking me to them or sending them by mail?
...am loooking forward!

...and below I have a little "behind the scenes" picture of the photo shoot back in February.
...I think it communicates well, how much every little bit of the whole process was enjoyed.
...you possibly already know that I love to pay attention to details...
enjoying the moment...
being fully present in whatever I engage into, 
so that this little bit of magic is there...

...btw, have you all had a nice time during the weekend?
Mine was filled with precious time spent with friends,
 but it was also a rather busy one, despite the fact that I came here for vacation.
{ I think I can soon forget about that!}

I've been making paper boat garlands & have them already available at the shop 
right {here}
You can take a sneak peek until I bring them here and present them to you!

....would really love to stay longer here, 
writing and sharing pictures, like the one below from the Art exhibition I visited on Friday, 

but I need to wake up early in the morning and work, helping a friend, who is also supporting me.
Difficult times have such cases...
one is helping the other...
and that is a good thing :)

~ have a super wonderful start in the new week
& see you soon ~


  1. It is all looking very beautiful.. I have seen it on IKEA Family live too ;)

  2. Yay!
    I am so glad you are selling your lucky paper boats on Etsy - and I am kind of proud that I may have been the little puff of wind that pushed them into the warm waters that are Etsy?

    Love and luck to you, my friend. Thank you for your daily blessings of words and images that make my day.

    Jo :)

  3. How lovely, I hope one day My blog can be as beautiful.