~ a cup of joyfulness

hello lovely people, how are you?
...thank you dearly to all friends having left warm wishes in the comments section of the latest blog posts.

today has been a day of settling in, as my clothes and belongings are finally organised
in their temporary closet & drawers for the next couple of weeks.

I'll show you around soon...
...in the meantime I wanted to bring here and share with you {this} super brilliant tablecloth from this marvelous {shop} in Cape Town, South Africa.
It is going to transform your dining table to a super pretty house for your little daughters {and sons possibly, perhaps with a more "boyish" theme?}

I love how easy it is,
how beautiful
 and how it transforms an adult place to a children friendly area.

..having grown up in a house where playing was mostly allowed in my room,
I really like the idea of incorporating our children in our life, its everyday flow, especially at home.

Other than that, the picture setting and quality is simply stunning, fact which makes me so happy to discover all these super creative people on Etsy, who take care of absolutely every step of their production on their own.

It's hard work, lots of it actually, requiring endless love and passion for what is made.
A reason, which for me personally, adds to actually purchasing something and bringing it home or offering it as a present to friends.

...btw, as things change, now being a grown up, there's no permission needed for me playing around the house ; )
...and so I did yesterday afternoon...using my camera,
 while filling my favorite porcelain teacups with ...joyful paper boats,
all made of beautiful papers from {Kristen}, an absolutely fantastic creative person.
~ wanna see?

The paper boats are part of a garland which hangs in my mother's kitchen:

I'm sure I can come up with a picture better than the one above,
but for the moment this will serve its purpose by giving you an idea.

Instructions on how to make your own can be found {here}
...talk to you soon 
...till then enjoy your evening and days
...and drink plenty of cups of joyfulness ; )

~ ppssst:  are you in the mood for some love & baking?
...will tell you all about it quite soon...
...stay tuned ; )

image credit from top to bottom: {1st}~> CoolSpacesForKids
{2nd, 3rd, 4rth & 5th} ~> Iro - Ivy


  1. very beautiful!I love this table cloth! hughs Anja

  2. Love your paper boats garland :)

  3. I love your paper boats garland too! You should sell them on Etsy! I would buy one :)
    Ever since I first saw your blog (earlier entries) with the paper boats I have been obsessing about them, Iro!

  4. hi ivy, this idea of tablecloth is so fanstastic, and your pictures lovely as usual, i hope you are doing well and i wish you a happy stay in greece!