~ have a nice new week :)

...morning wishes... for a lovely start in the new week.
Where I come from, Greece, making this wish on a Monday morning is something typical and quite important.
It is not used here in Germany, so people are rather surprised when they hear this wish from me.
Still, I find it to be really lovely to spread positivism whenever possible and share a few wishes that come really from the heart and are not just pronounced typically.

So, to wish you all a happy Monday morning and a nice, energising start in this new week, I have a couple of pictures from our Sunday morning to share with you.
Nothing really special, or prearranged...
just some captures of sunshiny moments in this home of ours,
 that I still have no clue how I'll be able to say good bye for a new home that is wished to be bought in the future (could we not just buy this one?)

On another notice, A Sony A300 and a 50mm lens are my new equipment, not that I have abandoned my beloved Minolta Dimage A1.
I really, really like the effect of such a lens and am quite happy with the quality as these are almost SOOC pictures.

I love to photoshoot in natural light and eventhough I appreciate great post processing, there's nothing that attracts me more in pictures than capturing the beauty of light wether in interiors or exteriors.

This is our coffeetable, as it was yesterday morning after Saturday's visit to our closest Ikea (at Wallaw).
Lot's and lots of candle supplies (which have by now found their places in drawers), mostly teacandlelights and these favorite aromatic ones with a heavenly vanilla flavour which burn almost day & night in our place.
And cinnamon rolls from the food department, quite neccessary for a quick breakfast, on the lazy side of the spectrum....no preparations, just tea, relaxation and enjoying precious sunshine.

Those of you who "know" me and are familiar with what I do, are aware that I'll be soon flying to Greece in order to help with the renovations (actually a complete makeover) of a teenager's room, while I'll be also meeting with some dear friends and people.

I'd love to present this project here, as soon as we are ready, but will have to check with my clients, as there is understanding of course that not all people are willing to have pictures of their homes posted on the Internet. Quite respected.

Other than that, I 'm asking for your understanding concering some mails that might be arriving in the mailbox, that it might take some time for them to be replied. I'll try to fairly prioritise.

I'll be definetely finding time for being on line and will gladly be sharing some moments from life in Apartment 44, a place fully designed & decorated by me last summer, which has become the new, smaller residence of my parents and the place where my partner and I are hosted when in Greece.

The shop will be running, there even has to be the addition of the new cards made, still the delivery of orders will begin again after the 11th of November, whether they are made via the Etsy shop or individually & independently via contacting me.

So, am wishing you all a happy Monday and sincerely hope that you had nice times this weekend.
The sun is shining here, which will be a good chance for taking some pictures, should there be time.

As there's quite a lot to be taken care of, this post must come to an end...it has been great connecting with you here.

Sprinkling lots and lots of "magic", positive energy above our ways, able to disolve any negativism and provide us with solutions and opportunities, there where we would otherwise see obstacles.

May all goodness be with us & may we have ourselves open to receive it.

Love always,
Ivy ~ xx


  1. greetings from Polish

  2. loving your blog/flickr/etsy shop!
    such lovely images! I'll definitely be back...

  3. Just discovered your blog via Christina's blog. Lovely home and lovely blog! I am your newest follower!

  4. Hello Biale :)

    Greetings to you in Poland from me - back home - in Germany!

  5. Joanna (LifestyleBohemia),

    I just paid a visit to your wonderful blog....so many things lovely! I'm also a follower of yours, thank you so much for following my pages, too :)

  6. Jessica (magnolia queen)

    thank you for all your kindest comments. Your polaroid prints offered @ your etsy shop are very beautiful! Glad that you have "found" me nad in my turn you.

    ...wishes for a nice Friday to all!

    Ivy xxx