~ come, let's go shopping!

Good afternoon on a super sunshiny Thursday afternoon!
I'm coming here today,
with two Etsy treausries I'd like to share with you,
as I really adore each and every one of the items featured in both of them.

Let's get started....come with me! :)

Below is (another) gorgeous collection curated by super talented Anne, owner of magalerie, who was hosted here a couple of weeks ago and which article I see to be one of your favorite ones. Great!
She really does deserve it.
She names this collection "Love is in the air III" as it belongs to a series.
The previous one was featured on the front page of Etsy and together with it, it took this print of the shop there.

This one is a front page worthy as well, both for its wonderful items
( Autumnal Love from our shop included ahem, ahem....)
& its gorgeous curation.
Wether it makes it there or not is not the case, still
good luck with it Anne!
You can visit it right here

I'd choose each and every item, much as I did with the ones pictured below, 
in the most recent collection I curated for this Etsy treasury:

Wood & wool in greige ~ ~ ~

Hop here to visit it live and enjoy some happy window or actual shoping times!
Let's see the items in detail

I'd love to throw this shawl on my shoulders,
hold this handknit woolen bag during the day

and that clutch for a sophisticated afternoon outing,

                                   while the only accessory - except from my wooden bangle - 

Yes, in our new home,
there shall be more space for an art wall and already three of the prints are chosen:


aren't they just marvelous together?

I just love to choose items from sophisticated artists,
whose quality of work is reflected in all they do.
The art itself, the words they use to describe it,
their personalities and way of life
cause when we choose an item, 
we also choose the history and energy that it carries
So I'm very careful with what comes in our home
as much as with what I suggest to you.

In these days when everyone wants to be called an artist, 
mainly with the mere purpose of making an easy profit,
our antennas should be alert into recognising the fake ones.
The happy occassion is,
 that there are far many more talented people!
Much like all those presented here.

Let's go back to where we were...

In our new home, there'll certainly be place for
which will merge happily with our beloved Ikea pieces

I'll be listening to music lying in our lounge, 
while my ears & head are covered in these fabulous

and my gloves & mittens will be resting stylishly on such a stand,
 when I return from a walk in the neighbouring woods,
tweeting hello!

I'll be strolling in the cities with a tea to go in hand,
matching my armband

and offer this to my mother as a small Christmas present.

I'll use this fabulous twine into making gift packages
and spent time with loved ones making our specially ordered puzzle.

But before all that, I'll have to be seriously well rewarded for the job that I do,
 as this shopping spree today has already cost some many hundreds of dollars.

Hope you had a good time coming shopping with me!
I certainly loved choosing these items both for you and for me/us here, 
still living in this adorable little Penthouse,
 while the search for our new home is getting warmer and warmer.

Hope you all are having wonderful days!
From me
lots of love & wishes for all things good.

Ivy ~ xx


  1. Beautiful post ! Your blog is so stylish :-)
    Thanks a lot for featuring my new treasury and my "Love" photo.

  2. Hello Anne :)

    You are very welcome. I love your shop and sense of style in photography!You also curate beautiful treasuries. It's always a pleasure to have you hosted here one way or another.

    Wishes for a lovely evening,
    Ivy ~ xx

  3. just came across from mortal muses, you have such a beautiful blog, wonderful photographs and words.