The chosen three: 1 ~> magalerie

...see this book opened above?
Let's imagine it is a fabulous one (and I'm sure it actually is one), like those you cannot put aside and just want to go on reading,
 in order to be finding yourelf more and more into its magic world....
well, this is how I felt when I got familiar with Anne's shop ~ magalerie ~

I'm ever so thankful for the fact that my own Etsy shop attracts a lot of fellow Etsy sellers chosing to feature my work, which gives me the opportunity to get in touch with lots of wonderful, talented people, often owning shops I adore to bits.

This is the case with lovely, low profiled Anne from France, who has recently set up an Etsy shop to definetly rock our worlds.
I discovered her gorgeous world of photography and impeccable taste, as much as her stylish design touch, thank's to her having contacted me about featuring my shop's items in her beautifully curated treasuries.

That was it!
Love at first sight.

I immediately suggested to have the honour of presenting her work in my online journal, considering each and every one of her pictures to be a jewel of its own.
A small parenthesis here:
As these lines are very personal to me, despite the fact that they are published, I wish for every picture hosted and every person doing me the honours of coming here, to share a similar sense of aesthetics, style and life philosophy.

....back to where we were:
Anne is a very humble and down to earth person, characteristics I really admire.
 She then had but a few  - gorgeous - items listed and kinldy asked me to wait until she had her shop stocked the way she wanted to.

As patience is a virtue to always be rewarded, so was I when I recently visited her fully equipped shop!
In the meantime, three of the four Etsy Treasuries curated by me so far, were featuring  some of her products.
 They are marked with 1,2 & 3 below, rather not so well seen though.
So, let me link you directly to the Tresuries, in case you wish to have a more detailed look:

And here is my choice and purchase from Anne's shop:

a usuful reminder in wonderful, crispy, milky white

Looking forward to having it framed!
And I'm sure you are looking forward to seeing more of Anne's pictures, while I keep quiet.
so here we go...
Lots of soul & eye candy!

...having trouble to choose? I know how you feel!

See how wonderful they group together?
This is exaclty what Anne wished to be mentioned, that when she makes pictures and eventually places them on the shelves of her shop, she has groups in mind and visualises them framed and hung togehter on a wall of art.
Combined with each other as much with other different art in various sizes. 
Still always in a colour scheme.
And this very point is where her shop philosophy and mine meet, as we both do not only photograph for the mere pleasure of capturing and making a beautiful picture, but also visualise a finished outcome, which includes a space's overall design, incorporating wall art.

With these three magical beach cabins, this sequence of the "chosen three" posts
has come to an end.
You may find and all of Anne's wonderful pictures at your disposal right here.
I hope you have enjoyed all posts and shops as much as I have!

Wishing you the nicest of Tuesday afternoons and see you quite, quite soon.
Till then, be and do the best you can,

Love, Ivy xx


  1. Hello Ivy,
    Thanks a lot for featuring my shop in your blog. :-))
    I'm really honored because everything you do is so crisp and clean.
    I like the collages you've created with my photos and the picture you've made of my print. ;-)
    Thanks again,

  2. I went over to see her shop and immediately faved some of her prints. They are so beautiful and revived my love for Paris! I think I will get some of them for my beloved photo walls.
    Thank you for letting me know!

  3. Anne, you are very welcome dear!

    It has been such a pleasure "playing" with your wonderful pictures, so in a way I'm the one who has to thank you.

    I can certainly picture Anne's prints on your fabulous art walls!
    I'd love to see the result on flickr :)