May the force be with us ;-)

ok...so it's Teusday already and I 'm only appearing now (in yesterday's favorite outfit) to wish you and my dear diary a happiest of new weeks!
So happy new week to you :)
I guess the fact that I have not come to write here so far, stands as a proof for this effort to be finding a balance between the real and the online world. Disconnected days can be quite enjoyable and so can be connected ones. This weekend was on the disconnected side. Pure bliss. Unexpected sunshiny weather - at the beginning of October in Germany is certainly noticeable! - sunbathing sessions at the tiny but oh so lovely veranda, working for the shop, organising a few things around the house. 

The only exception of online connection, work related issues, the shop being involved. Had the loveliest of times exchanging mails with a super amazing person, who is an online friend, has a amazing eye for design and recently made me very proud with her decision to prepare a wedding present with photographs from our shop. No revelations now as to who she is, as I'm nervous like a graduate student who has submitted her final thesis, so long as I'm waiting for her to receive her parcel, sent  priority mail, in order to be there on time.

I guess it fits in this point to inform you, that our shop accepts custom orders and is also functioning outside Etsy as well.

now back to where we were...as much as I love to remain disconnected, I have the feeling that there is too much accumulated when I return here to write after too many of days. 
Since I've decided to also exist in the Internet and run an online shop, I feel the obligation to share some news and updates.
But - yes this ever emerging but! - I'm such a person that when I work I dive into what I do, meaning that my partner is lucky enough that I communicate at least with him when I'm in a creative process of any way. Much like this Saturday when I was designing our business cards. After all, I designed them all the way on my own, despite my limited graphic design skills.
Dear graphic designers friends, please do be gentle with me. Merci.
We seem to be satisfied with the outcome, at least for the time being.

What do you think?

Moving further to shop related issues, two of its items (this and that) have made it to Etsy's front page thanks to the wonderful curating of Anne, featured the previous week here as part of the Chosen three series, with her gorgeous and ever growing Etsy Shop ~ magalerie.
Thank you lovely Parisian girl for that!
A lovely experience, even discovered and realised after you had mentioned it.

Other than that, there are new items having already been prepared, printed, checked for quality - we like to expose our prints directly to the sun for a few days - just to verify that indeed the expensive papers and original inks we use are worthy their cost and keep their promises. We have not been dissapointed so far.
New prints are framed, photographed, the photographs of the prints are processed and waiting to be listed on the shelves of the shop, while more and more cards are being made.
A family friend from Greece is expecting me together with a thick pile of cards for her, and new designs are made to be added to the shop.

In the meantime I need to.....breathe and try hard to stick to my daily yoga and meditation procedures, which have been totally forgotten during these past few days.

Speaking about forgetting things, let me offically also announce here the lucky winner of the Gathering Spriggs give away, which I wished to have done on Friday. Better late than never say the Greeks. It's Carla from Lisbon and her present is already on the way to her. Intersted in taking a look?
 Here it is,
 but keeping a few things as a surprise for Carla

For now, this post must be reaching to an end, as I need to procede to other things, such as finally submitting an interview to a mostly amazing, kind and patient woman, preparing a little "handmade" post for another gorgeous stylish lady, preparing new posts for Ikea Family Live  (and making them gorgeous - yes dear editors there, I oly wish for the best to come in your hands from me) and coming up with a picture to make a diptych with my lovely partner Kee.
May the force be with us ;-)

Leaving you with a glimpse of new packaging, related to our business logo and cards.

Have a lovey afternoon! See you all quite soon

Sprinking fairy dust and love,

Ivy ~ xx


  1. Love the business cards, they are both pretty and sophisticated.

  2. Love the business cards too. Great job !

  3. Hello to both of you :)

    Thank you very much for your kind comments about the cards!
    Michelle, I like that you consider them sophisticated and pretty. It's a combination I cherish.
    Anne, I appreciate your opinion a lot, as I'm a big fun of your style, photography and shop.

    Best of wishes,
    Ivy ~ xx

  4. Love you new logo!
    I can't wait till your gift arrive :)

  5. Thank you very much Carla!
    I just received your mail and saw the pictures you made, lovely!...and I'm quite happy you like your present and surprises.May you enjoy them!

    Best regards
    Ivy ~