Seeing the poetry ~

~ seeing the poetry ~

Isn't life all about seeing the poetry of it and in it?
Isn't it about stopping in order to enjoy the moments?
Diving deeply in them....
Have we realised how everything else is senseless?
We'll get  no possesions, when we leave this life, with us.
All we'll take with us is who WE are,
and who we are is an accumulation of our moments in life.

Some people will never learn, 
they'll forever remain captivated to the prisons they have themselves built, or entered.
They'll spend precious lives looking for happiness and successes,
faling to comprehend that
both these notions cannot be pursued, imposed or forced.
Some will invest their efforts in trying to change.
Most probably they will succeed.

To see the magic in life, we have to be willing to find it, there where it is sometimes hidden.
To see the magic in life, we have to be able and willing to offer some ourselves.
To be magical, we have to enjoy the trip of life.

We will all reach to the same point, one way or another.
How we reach there is what makes the difference.
It's the journey that matters. Not the destination.

When ambitious people have plans, artists of life have visions.
When hectic people obsess with gaining attention, happy people find themselves in the center of it, accidentally, just because nothing can be compared to living our lives trully, genuinly and with passion. Not obsession. Passion, as there is a tiny little line in between them, making all the difference.
Living connected to our deep existencies. There is all the attention we might need and wish for.
Right in the center of ourselves.

I hope you to be spending a marvelous Thursday and to enjoy yourselves, while visiting the streams of the fabulous photographers, whose work has been combined on the collage above. Their links are also available here.
I'll be seeing you soon, till then, be well, be in love and stay stylish.
Remember life is not about what, but how ;-)

Love to you,
Ivy ~ xx

P.S: I got recently invited to Panama and had a mostly enjoyable time having a talk with lovely, creative Mayi at her blog whose name couldn't be better standing for itself: "heartmade".
We'd both love if you took part in our conversation here.
P.S2: there is still time to enter this give away and win one of Natalie's fabulous photography prints.

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