Fall's beginning & a give away to love

Good morning :)
Happy Friday and best of wishes for a delightful October! 
Fall is here for good....time for cocooning, hot cups of tea, cuddling on the couch covered in soft blankets, reading favorite books and magazines...

Fall calls for spending more time inwards, which in its turn calls for making our spaces warm and cozy. 
Perhaps we want to redecorate a bit, without necessarily spending big ammounts of money.
Choosing a couple of new pictures to add warmth and give character to our walls
is a nice way to start.

And today there's a shop I love to be introducing you to, with the loveliest of oweners and super talented photographers, who sees the world through tender eyes and mostly pastel tones.

Dear friends, please meet Natalie French from the little town of Porthcawl 
in the South coast of Wales.

A mother of two lovely girls, whose eyes have recenlty opened wide,
 while seeing the world through the lens.
 She has a newly opened Etsy shop, where she sells some of her delightful photographs.

In the collage above I 've chosen my absolutely favorite ones,
the one on the top left, marking Natalie's birthday this past week
and the one on the bottom right,
these absolutely amazing pastel coloured chalks,
having made it to Explore's Front Page!

Congratulations and Happy Birthday dearest Natalie!

I'm particularly happy to be hosting her here, as we have organised a little give away for you.
The idea was set a week ago, when Natalie commented on the Lovely give away Heather and I had then put together on Gathering Spriggs.
She was kind enough to leave a comment in order to win one of my shop's prints.
Speaking of which, this afternoon around 5p.m central European time, the winner will be announced.

Since a give away is ending today we are celebrating that with holding a new give away here!
What do you have to do to enter?

1 ~> Visit Natalie's shop here,
2~> have a wonderful time looking at her gorgeous, soul soothing pictures
 much like the ones below,
try hard to choose only one and
3~> come here in this post stating which one it is,
while writing the email address where you may be reached.

The give away will be running for a week.
So starting today until next Friday 8th of October, 24:00 p.m
you may be entering.

Natalie and I are wishing you all the luck!
...and are leaving you with a couple of more beautiful picturesfrom her shop,
soft like a cloud.
Natalie will be happy to see you on her marvelous flickr photostream here
and in her newly launched blog here

and I 'll be happily seeing you here quite soon, as soon as this afternoon actually,
when I 'll come to announce who has won one of my shop's prints and card & envelope set.
A wonderful day to you all,

Ivy ~ xx


  1. Dear Iro and dear Natalie,
    thank you for this great give away. Even though all of the pictures are wonderful I´m in love with that cute little birthday cake.

    Hugs, Nadine

  2. Dear Nadine,

    thank you for enterring this competition.
    I wish you all the luck!...and if it remains as quiet as it now is, I think you'll have it all by your side ;)

    Hugs, a lovely weekend to you :)

  3. She is a wonderful photographer..wow.. and you are amazing with words...always I fell so taken by what you write...sigh..you amaze me :-)

    I am in love with the Birthday photo as well and would love to win that one. I see myself hanging it on the wall every time one of the kids has a B-day - they would love it too :-)

    Hugs/ Christina

  4. Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing.

    By the way, I mentioned you on today's post. Let me know if it's OK with you.

  5. i absolutely adore the pastel sticks, because of the colors and that one suits me best :) LOVE it all, really :)

  6. -llruth on flickr

  7. Dear Natalie,
    When I came across your photo of the pastel sticks of chalk it made me smile a big smile! So thanks for that.... I added it to my collection of favourites!
    The last few days I haven't be able to get that oh so pretty image out of my head so I just popped back to your photostream to have another look and I found a link leading me to your beautiful website competition to win this beautiful print! So maybe it's fate... maybe I'll be lucky enough to have your image on my wall to make me smile whenever I see it!
    Keep up the fabulous work! I look forward to all of your new pictures.
    Charlotte Rose

  8. hey natalie,

    I'm in love with all your photos but my absolute favourite is the birthday cake ribbon one, I love it sooo much :)
    loadsa love, holly :D

  9. Hey Nat, as you know I'm one of your biggest fans, and Ivy, love, love love your work too!!! I'm really loving the sweet heart pic at the momemt, although its very difficult to choose!!

    love Debs xx

  10. I think if I had to choose it would be the photo of the pastel colored chalk

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
    ~ Elizabeth

  11. Oh such an impossible choice ~ such beautiful images!! However, if REALLY pushed I would have to say the pastel chalks as they are the tones my lovely daughter has chosen for the nursery of her "to-be" baby!! (my first grandchild! ~ eeep!)


  12. WOnderul images .. I love your work

    He Loves Me won my vote!