Dear Diary...

Dear diary, it's late at night, actually the very begining of a Friday. I very much doubt that anybody else is reading us at this time, but stil have missed you today and decided to pass by for a quick assortment of the day's news before going to bed.

The mosaic below is made from pictures of fantastic flickr friends who happem to be very talented in photography whether they take it up more professionaly, less or only as a hobby.
I'll just share their names with you but you can click on the link here, to be taken to the respective flickr page and be directed to their magical streams.
So these ones belong to wonderful Barbara, Victoria, Fabio, Kelven Cindy, Beverly, Theresa, Ciel ( I'm sure you remember her from the Tea party with a Queen we had set up for her) and Carmen.
Other than this collage made for Things I love Thursdays, there was not much flickr action today from my side.
There was quite a lot of Etsy action though, as the shop's items were featured in a couple of fabulous treasuries, which I'll share soon with you as Instant Choices.

Moreover the shop now offers two new sets of four pictures, in a friendly price of three.
The ~ dusty blues and silver greys ~ collection 
and the  ~ beige and naturals ~ collection 

Before I go, I want to share with you that I 've stampled up on these gorgeous lamps and I want them badly, for the new home we'll one day have.
Two of them please...three would also be just prefectly fine.
Merci beaucoup :)

ok time for nighty night has come....
may we both enter the magic world of dreams through this enigmatic door, which mother and I found in Rüdesheim some weeks ago.

PS: tomorrow the winner of the give away that Heather and I put together will be announced and there's a lovely person coming over to say hi, while being in a very generous mood with us and our readers...now isn't that so nice?

See you tomorrow,

Ivy ~ xx

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