V i s u a l i s e

Hello on a Thursday morning dear all!
I hope you are well and already spending fine days, wherever you might be.

Today, as I was putting together the above pictures of fellow flickr contacts and friends (and wonderful photographers professional or not)to make this mosaic, the word  V I S I O N  just popped in my mind.

 I have a vision, a vision of L O V E as a song says, and as much as this might sound common, this is to me a reason worthwhile of existence.

To me design, interiors, beautiful living, lifestyle, fashion, arts & photography are not the subject themselves, but just a means to achieve living a life of full awareness and love.
Oh no, that does not mean that I'm all love always and only full of love. 
There are cases, where love is to speak the truth, even if that complicates temporarily matters. All of us are eventually faced with reality and our own fears, and in case we've lied to ourselves or others, or done wrong, life holds lessons for us ahead. I've been there so often and still find myself sometimes.Cause I'm quite often wrong but I'm as often right. And as much as my mind may be tricked, my heart is not. When "she" rebels, she has her reasons.

To return to having a vision, I find it to be much different than having a dream. Wherareas dreaming is most often associated with our personal aspirations and wishes, having a vision, is something that requires tremendous amounts of energy and strength.
As throughout living a life with a vision, our personal interests and aspirations might temporarily have to be put on hold.
We might have to face difficulties we wish we didn't, we might have to walk through tiring paths, sometimes exausting ones.
But so long as what we wish and visualise is both for our interest and the common good, there'll come the time where dreams and reality meet.

In times like that, there's no need to speak out, there's no need to share, we can simply stay still and enjoy the silence, being deeply connected to ourselves and Existence.

I' ve experienced such moments some years ago, when I met my current partner. When I felt that all my prayers had been heard, when reality was so good that it made dreaming poor and rather unneccesary. When I felt that through this relationship there can be lots of good acheived on many levels.

It's almost three years after and only now do I feel right in sharing it openly. Cause true happiness brings internal celebrations that are quiet in the outside. There's no need to shout it out but it marks us in ways that words cannot possibly describe.

So my dear friends, I encourage you to have a vision, as much as I believe that for you to reach in reading these lines, you are already having one.
The good thing about a vision is that it excludes at the very moment everything possibly negative hurting us in anyway and on the way. We only come out stronger, more aware and wiser.

From me wishes for a lovely day, whether visions are set today or not.
See you soon again

~ All the love ~
~ Ivy xx ~


  1. Ivy dear, I am thrilled...... visualizing and actually believing in that vision has always been my mantra........oh it works all the time.....but the important word here is to BELIEVE.

  2. Lovely pictures. I love the one with the lantern.

  3. Lovely friends, creative ladies, amazing people, thank you!Dear Madhu, Melanie, Biale ~> ♥ ♥ ♥
    Dear Clara, the picture you like belongs to Natalie, a very sweet & talented photographer, who recently opened an Etsy shop. If you follow the link to my flickr, you can be directed to her page.