~ enjoy the silence & wishes for a happy weekend

Good morning on what seems to be a sunny Saturday...just wanted to share this thought with you, while wishing you to have a wonderful weekend.

Enjoy the silence....as "she" is as precious as talking, sharing, writing, or anything openly expressive and communicative.
In fact, silence has a very intense communicative value and quality...

So many feelings can be expressed while being silent, so much music heard, while we tune to our inner notes...
It's a very precious state of being from which we have a lot to learn, gain and become familiar with.

This is the first post being shared on both the on line places I've been writing at (Busy Bee's blog & Domestic Stories)and there is a reason for that.
There is material to be shared in the upcoming days, thoughts, experiences, opinions, which have been held until there was time again...and the time was right.

There'll be probably discussions raised, as I'll be sharing with you how I feel about blogging, open sharing and the online world.

For now, I had this incredible need to just stay still inside and get in touch with my deep self.

Maybe this is not the right time for you to do the same and this is quite all right.

Whichever way you choose to spend your weekend, I'm wishing you it to be a great one, with lots of essence, creativity, relaxation, happy times and moments of self reflection, if that suits you.

And for those of you who don't know, I've been having a special visitor since a week, which is my mother. So, we've been driving around and visiting lovely German cities along the Rhein river.
There are just a few pictures shared so far on my flickr account if you'd like to have a glimpse, as there has been only but very few time spent online.

So, this post will be ending with my most favorite of pictures taken this week, capturing a moment very precious to me, while being in Limburg, sightseeing...actually sightseeing in the rain.

The sun is out and today we'll be sightseeing in the sunshine, that sounds really nice.
Take care and be well...we'll soon be enjoying meetings, discussions and also happy occasions among other things here and there.

Warmest of regards and best of wishes,

Ivy ~ xx


  1. Ivy - thanks for some thoughts on silence and its benefits/effects, etc. Nice photos & hope you have been having the most wonderful explorations with your Visitor!

    - lgrl

  2. to break the silence.. I just wanted to add another little message that maybe you should look at my post of this old place.. seeing you to like this old doors and stuff ;)

  3. My dearest friend Heather,

    it gives me such a warm feeling to know that you are reading these blog posts. The best of my thoughts and wishes are always with you.

    Thank you for your kindness, Gloria and I had the nicest of times exploring German cities and had so much fun driving around with the little Fiat 500 we had rented (I love petit cars!)
    Hope you are well, too. Do write when you can, I'm always happily recieving/reading your mails.

    Love and hugs to you and Lucy the flying dog! xoxo

  4. Dear Desiree,

    hoping that you don't mind this slight delay, I'll be coming over to read & enjoy this post in just a short while with a new cup of tea in hand :)

    See you there!