Sweet partnerships...and other ramblings...

Hello dear all on a sunny Wednesday morning :)

For those of you who don't know, I'm having a very special visitor since this Sunday morning - my mother - and am finding myself in an almost full vacation mode, despite being at home in Germany! (And hopefully this is enough of a good explanation for why this scheduled for Monday post is taking place today)

It is her first visit here since I relocated in this country some two years ago, in order to live together with my German partner.
So, we are spending lovely times driving around neighboring cities like Mainz & Wiesbaden so far, taking pictures, while also walking around the neighborhood and spending nice mother - daughter times @home. In another post I'll introduce her to you more detailed and we'd like to prepare a special post for you together.

But enough with the prologue, time to introduce you to the lovely person I promised to do in a recent, previous post, the lovely, young and talented girl with whom a collaboration has started since a month.

Smaranda Kee and I are putting together on a weekly basis a diptych according to a theme we've chosen.
Below is a mosaic I had put together some weeks ago in order to sum only but a few of my very favorite pictures of hers!

Not only she's extremely naturally beautiful, she's also a very sweet, kind and down to earth person, as much as excelling in her architectural studies and being a very inspiring and talented photographer among other things!
You'll find more of her delightful pictures and view on life here.

To go back to our collaboration, the diptych presented at the opening of this post is the last one we made this week and it 
 represents the theme of "the senses: taste".

As love is said to be both the sugar and salt of life, sweet heart-shaped cookies (by Kee) and salty snacks bitten forming a heart are put together (by me), both photographed under the sunlight.

I'll go on introducing you to the diptychs we put together, going back gradually back in time.
Below are our domestic stories, or else captures of the most common of activities in everyday life, such as hanging the laundry and being in the kitchen.
On the left, Kee's contribution and on the right is mine.

and here is our second actually collaboration based on a theme and activity we both love to do - and who doesn't? - travelling!
At the same time we wanted to engage into the subject with a vintage mood and therefore old, leather suitcases came into the scene!

And last but definitely not least, here's our first collaboration ever, which was the most fun to put together and probably the most successful also, in terms of responses in flickr, where we usually post.
Our theme: Alice in Wonderland....and vintage watches belonging to Kee's grandparents came out of the drawers to be photographed in delicate, romantic porcelain teacup & saucers sets, while I was being photographed by my partner (also like crazy into photography) playing Alice in the castle near our home.

To end this post which took us back in time step by step, let me post here my favorite of the series of pictures my life partner and I made that day, this one representing the entering into a different dimension:

All the pictures are also linked to flickr, where they are originally posted, as there is where the action happens, meaning friends, contacts and other people, entering a conversation or simply leaving some constructive feedback on what they see.

I'll be seeing you quite soon with many more new posts on various issues, from life matters, to pictures and news about the shop, to new columns gradually getting added to the body of this blog. Still making no precise promises about when, as together with on line presence, real life happens, sometimes requesting alterations in schedules!

Have yourselves a lovely Wednesday! Enjoy life's journey day by day and if possible minute by minute.

All the love and wishes for all things best,

Ivy ~  xx


  1. I repeat...."Wonderful collaboration"!! Two very talented and creative people :-)

  2. Thank you my beloved Madhu and our dearest Baking Queen. We both appreciate your kind words and your warm support!

    Hugs to you :) xx