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Hearts and stars

Good afternoon on an cloudy, still charming, autumn day in the middle of August!
 I hope you had a nice start in the new week yesterday. It found me mostly reorganizing and cleaning our living space, as the weather change called for warm woolen rugs to be brought up from the cellar. I'll show you what has happened in a next post. For now, I've come here with the intention to present some photography diptychs, therefore the title.

Whichever word we might choose, togetherness, partnership, sharing, team, pairs, two is always better than one. And so it happens with pictures sometimes. They complement each other and/or make a stronger statement of a subject.

So, time for pictures and no words, here are some of my current diptychs:

Life's rhythm

Unobvious connections 

Love for details

...there's always hope

Except from making diptychs of my own pictures, a lovely, talented person I met on flickr and I have joined forces and we are creating a diptych weekly, based on a common theme we choose.
Next week, we have one month anniversary, when I'll be presenting and revealing her to you, as much as hosting here, all of our collaborations!

See you later, taking you on a tour in our current living space.

Take care

Ivy ~  xx 

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