Tea party with a queen

Let's pretend we are at a tea party, shall we?
The ones that girls with pretty dresses, shiny eyes and strong hearts attend.
The ones where fresh flowers are spread all over the place.

Then we certainly have a queen for the day and this is a dreamy girl who loves to dream, while also being well in touch with reality.
Cecile is her name.
She could be featured in editorials for her soft but oh so strong beauty.
She looks like a princess

but actually she's just an simple girl like you and me, not ordinary in any way though, as she's so talented in many ways.
She has always adored photography and wrote poems when she was seventeen, kept in a book with crapy black & white pictures as she now believes.
Still I somehow think, that the artistic touch  she has in all she does was evident even back then and her pictures were beautiful.
Maybe not as much as the ones she takes today, but still. Beautiful.

Since two years - when she got her first digital camera, she's been more seriously invloved in photography.
She uses pastel tones in a marvelous way and quite often she's the photographer and the model, artfully composing pictures of herself.
You may see a collection of them here.
She is inspired by daily life itself, music, books and other artists

She is passionate about animals and her vintage Polaroid cameras. She loves them so much that she attributes names to them.
I think we girls do that quite often with the objects we love.
Don't you? How often have we named a car or a bicycle for example?
She shoots film and is particularly interested in Holga and Polaroid ones

She has a unique way in seeing the beauty of all things simple and makes wonderful pictures of them. The ones that stay with us for a long, long time after we've encountered them.
You can enjoy Cecil's or Ciel's pictures here.

She's a secretary, as mush as this may come as a surprise.
She used to keep a blog for abour six years but she does not anymore.
This is an extra reason why I'm so grateful and honored that she has taken the time and the effort to prepare a wonderful post about a theme that touches her heart,
and often troubles her mind.
As much as she is a dreamer, she is also a person who cares, being interested in rainsing awareness and this is what brought us together.
She' ll be coming over next week and sharing with you an informative post, while sharing bits of her personal story.
We'll be listening to her, while indulging ourselves in heavenly pictures

On a last notice to signify this cooperation of ours, we've put a diptych together, in an attemp to see where our approaches and individual styles in photography meet.
We found out that our strong common factor is the love for simple things of every day life, natural light and clean lines.

So until next time, from Cecil and me may you be having unforgetable times, seeing and getting inspired by the simple things in life.

All the love,
Ivy xx


  1. Wow Ivy! I don't know what to say or where to begin! This is such a nice start of the day for me! This is such an honor! I really love the pictures you picked and how you set up this post! *BIG SMILE* on my face all day long! Thank you so much for this Ivy.. your words mean a lot to me! XX

  2. Biale thank you for joining Domestic Stories and commenting :)

    Dear lovely Ciel,

    Good morning! :)

    you've brought an equal *BIG SMILE* on my face as I'm starting my day from here, after having exchanged some mails with friends.

    Actually one of them, who is a also a friend in "real" life and almost a neighbour, living just to the next city, has pointed out how much she loved the post and mostly pictures of you and reading about who you are!

    She and you, along with my loving partner, have made this day start wonderfully for me.
    Thank you :)

    Wishing you a nice day at work and so looking forward to next week, when you get in charge here and your wonderful essay along with more of your gorgeous pictures are posted!

    We'll stay connected.
    Much love,
    Ivy xoxo

  3. What a wonderful talent Ciel is! Love the feature and seeing some of her gorgeous photographs!!

  4. Hello Angela, so happy to see you here :)
    She is indeed in so many ways!
    Happily for me and all you who are reading these pages, there'll be much more of her next week.

    Take care dear
    Ivy xoxo