happy day ♥ thank you Nina!

hello everyone

 good morning in the middle of this week
 and the end of a season,
 marking the beginning of a new one!

this is a spontaneous post,
just in order to thank a {wonderful person}
I deeply admire for her interior design work,
lovely, inspiring blog,
while she is one of those people,
whose warmth, personality & talents shine brightly through all she does.

Nina Holst from {Stylizimo} and I accidentally met
in the on line {photo gallery} of Ikea Family Live,
where we both share pictures from our living spaces...

it took some time to get to interract with each other more,
but I actually like sometimes things that evolve smoothly...

I found out about Stylizimo,
which asides from a great, inspiring blog
focusing on interiors & simple yet, wonderful projects,
is also actually an online society where people
with similar interests can meet, exchange opinions,
inform and inspire themselves.

I will definetely make some time through this crazily busy period
of an upcoming movement,
new projects,
designing our new space from the beginning while having
{once more! I must definetely do something to change that} 
the tightest of budgets,
to actually
share pictures of our current & future home,
as much as spaces of clients I have designed,

well after all this rambling it wouldn't be bad to actually say why I'm thanking Nina, would it?

this lovely lady wrote a {trully amazing post} about my work & myself,
after she received the package of the order she had placed in our shop.

Feeling so honoured for the fact that a person whose work I trully admire
not only noticed my work, but also decided to bring it to her {more than gorgeous} home,
I could only prepare a few presents
to thank her.

Feeling as if I had the pleasure to be invited for a cup of coffee with her,
I added a few extra things, which I carefully chose
after noticing the colour pallete she uses in her surroundings.
Some things that are currently available only to 
people who physically approach our shop,
custom orders
to these very special friends...

soon though, available to the wide public as well
{you'll be the first ones to find out about it ;)}

I'm so incredibly happy she received it
{with an unexpected delay, as it was sent subscribed, like all orders of the shop are,
 with an estimated delivery date of a max of 4 working days}

and she liked it!

Thank you so much for making this such a happy day my dear Nina : )

there couldn't have been a better way to end a season
begin a new one


this is to all things positive
the power of true love + creativity!

c u soon dear all ~
... such a nicely busy day here,
also involving "new house" issues...

will keep you posted ; )


  1. I read her post about you yesterday and it made me smile, since she had already introduced me to your blog when she posted on facebook earlier this month about your giveaway :)

    You two gals are both very talented and I can see why you 'found eachother' :)

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. Thank you for this sweet, sweet post about me, my blog, my community and my home.

    You made my day as well, dear. <3

    I look forward to see your beautiful photos on Stylizimo.com. The site is under improvement, and in I´m working on a new design and some new features to come - it will be a lot more exciting!:)

    xo, Nina

  3. Dear Iro,
    I just found your wonderfull blog and I`m totally
    happy about it! I just read your last 6 or seven posts and I`m soooo inspired!!! You make wonderfull things and I like your work alot!
    Enjoy the rest of the week,
    From now on I will follow you :)

  4. WOW.. I'm loving her work.. thanks for sharing!

  5. I'm such a huge fan of Ikea Family Live and of your beautiful photographs. I was amazed to learn that you're a self-taught photographer-- that's so inspiring.

    Keep up the great work, Ivy and thank you so much for your wonderful comments about my style. You really made my day.

  6. What a beautiful post you have made about Nina and her blog. I'm a huge fan of her blog too, and I'm fortunate to have met her under some occasions. She is a lovely lady, so warm and natural.
    I've read her post about you and your work, and I can see why she admires you!! You two have much of the same special touch on your blog. That gives me the soft, beautiful feeling.
    I'm so glad I found you through Nina, and I'm now going to follow your blog with great interest. Now I'm going to look at your great work that you are selling at Etsy.

    Wishing you a wonderful day!
    Best regards from,
    Anette Willemine

  7. I lost my day...I went from one link to the other and than in every link I found some other link...
    it's more then two hours that I'm surfing in the net of these beautiful friends of you. :)

  8. great banner finally !!!! Great share thank you!!!