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 well hello everyone...

 as I posted late in the evening last night,
 I was wondering if you had a chance 
 to read about making a {live moodboard} step by step
 and the organic process of creating?

 and then, have you visited 
 the latest curated collection of 16
 pretty items, all carefully handmade & produced from
 etsy sellers, artists & crafters?

 it carries a name quite symbolic to me ~>

Wake up - this is your Life call °

you may visit the items and on line stores individually {here}


... and then have I shared with you that I might be having the pleasure
of creating the styling concept & photo portfolio 
for such sugar treasures like these ones?

this is a sample of the work submitted & eventhough 
there is no formal agreement yet,
I' m thrilled with the possibility of being involved in such a project

I hope to have the pleasure of being chosen to do this job
then sharing it with you here!


on another notice, I don't know about you {still I 'd love to find out!}
but I woke up to feeling
I cannot expect for things to change,
unless I change myself.

this whole house issue has really been shaking my waters,
{I know it sounds silly in English, as in fact it is a Greek expression}
which means that it has been bringing lots of upsetness,
much like when there is a storm and the sea is rough.

days of peacefulness are hard to acheive,
due to the many factors that need to be considered
the obvious change of life,
as there'll not only be a new apartment,
but a totally new neighbourhood, too.

and new life conditions

when I mentioned in this post
that it is rather wise to:

"see opportunity there where difficulty lies"

perhaps I had not also realised,
 that this is the only way of actually moving forward in life.

so I'm making the decision to take my life seriously,
a "package" which brings together taking
my wishes,
 my dreams,
my wants,
my needs,

... ironically, this involves sometimes not taking myself so seriously

in this mood I redesigned the blog's banner this morning
eventhough I'm not certain that this is a final design,
I find it to stand nicely for this transitional period I have enterred...

it stands for seeing the light side of life,
for embracing challenges
& eventually
living a succesfull, creative, fullfilling life

I hope you are not missing the previous banner too much,

in any case do let me know your toughts & preference!

just thought that it is a nice symbolic action to alter the logo of my online home,
since I'll be soon also living in a new home

a little one, but oh so important NOTE before I go! ~> my {dear friend} and amazingly capable person in putting together absolutely delightful + stylish interiors, has changed {the decoration of her living room} & as she has incorporated two* of our shop's fine art prints in her decor, I couldn't but be super happy for the fact that she has done such a fabulous job! She successfully shows how more affordable art can be combined with more expensive one. It also shows how easily our shop' s designs are embraced in a home's decor, making a very clear but at the same time discrete, elegant impact. Nadine, thank you for the honour!

* {this} & {that}


  1. I liked the old banner, but I think this is lovely as well. It is a bit lighter, more dynamic. Maybe it is the first step in your upcoming change. I am glad to read you feel a bit better about it. And I hope you see the opportunities. Remember: if you don't jump, you will not fall, but you will not fly either. So please don't be afraid, it will all turn out fine, I am sure.
    x Iris

  2. Hello Ivy!

    The new banner is my favourite! But I must say it's difficult to choose between such beautiful designs.

    I love your blog and your so inspiring and clean interior styling ideas.

    About the living room, I liked it as soon as I saw the picture on flickr... in fact I chose it to my flickr favs this week.

    Have a sweet evening!

  3. Iris hello :)
    so nice of you to come and write here, your words are going to be with me through this phase, encouraging me for sure!
    As for the banner, I'm glad you like the new one & I also still love the previous one very much. But as I said this marks this transitional period.
    It is lighter so that change will symbolically be allowed and kind of less intensively defined, until the time comes.

    Andreia hello to you, too :)
    Thank you for all your kind words & am sure you love Nadine's living room, it is simply gorgeous and so inviting!

    Wishing you both a lovely evening & start in the middle of the week tomorrow.

    Take care,
    Iro xx

  4. Hi Iro,
    I just found your blog via Nina, glad I did, love your photo's, very inspiring. I like the new banner better, lighter, really draw my eye to it.
    Have a good day,

  5. How can I choose! They are both from your beautiful creative mind, dear. Your new home is so excited and looking forward to having you live and create there! :-)

  6. How nice to actually have a banner that stands for all those beautiful "things". I should hire you to make a new header for Stylizimo. You are so talented.

    Looking forward to be invited into your new home btw. I know you will create a lovely home <3

    Nina xx

  7. Hi Iro, i like your new banner!!!! It's so right for your blog and your work!
    x Vale