Wake up - it's your Life call °

 Happy Monday everyone!
 a "little" post just to share a new collection of favourite items from etsy...

 felt brooches beautifully handcrafted,
 little pieces of art in the form of jewelry,
  soft cotton crocheted pot holders,
 simple white dresses appropriate for a marriage, too

 numbers, typography, photography,
 paper goods, vintage pieces, 
pillows & supplies,

all to dress your home & you in warm grey tones,
paired with whites, off whites & naturals,
   for a natural feel & a slow return back inside,
  with September being right at our doors!

I hope you weekends were lovely 
& this new week to carry
all things good, positive 
the power of love & creativity with it!

on another notice, 
thank you so very much for your concern about my feelings 
for our upcoming movement, 
 it has been really heart warming reading your comments
especially these thoughtful, private mails

I'm already doing better : )

so, I'll stay a little longer and share a few more pictures 
of my grey moodboard and the process of making it,
since it falls nicely into the colour mood set by the collection above.

It all started by photographing my vintage Beirette camera,
after I removed it from its brown leather case,
in order to observe its details...

 as we had just returned from a short vacation on a Greek island,
some of the natural souvenirs brought were laying around...

I noticed the nice combination of the dark grey pebble,
with the piece of driftwood
the metal body of the camera...

as I love perspective,
I instictively arranged them as you see below...
 and starting clicking...

liking the outcome, I decided to make a print and
add some words connected to the image...

after the print was made,
a picture of the printed .... print needed to be made... 

so I had it framed in a simple white wooden frame
started playing with the styling a bit...
photographing it close to wood
adding a metal heart,
trying to repeat the elements found in the picture...

another styling effort ended up like this,
looking as if the driftwood & pebble have jumped out of the picture...

 now that I see it I think this is my favorite print,
yet not available for sale, 
at the moment at least...

What do you think?
which one do you prefer?
the 1st one with the 3 elements,
the 2nd one shown above
the 3rd one below with the addition of the metal heart
popping into the picture?

Here you can see the 1st and 3rd ones,
close to one another so that a comparison can be easily made...

my opinion?
 the 1st one would look really nice blown up on a big sized canvas,
while the square one is cuter is smaller sizes....

this is how it looks, as part of our "wishes corner"


and below is the process of making a "live"
grey moodboard,
starting with a few basic objects,
representing materials & colours

white plastic ~> netbook
metal ~> vintage camera + handmade heart of wire
natural wood ~> a. box with crayons from Habitat
b. driftwood from the sea
c. grey wooden heart,
handpainted with silver marker

paper ~> photographs of some of the items pictured

from a different angle...

and then having added some more everyday objects,
like the metal pencil case,
Faber Castell sharpener
grey/ silver book with thoughts + quotes about happiness
{relative post here}

and this is the final result which I showed you {here}

working with colours,
materials & making harmonious combinations among them
is a crucial part of any design work.

I find making live moodboards to be a creative exercise
while having fun & off course enjoying photographing the whole thing!

these are my current favorite prints,
which are grouped together,
in case you wish to create a style similar to ours,
much like the group of prints now decorating our living room corner.

It is also offered in our shop for a very attractive price all year long
; )

they represent some of my great passsions like
~ architecture
~ nature 
 ~ photography

I hope you to like them as much
 to visualise them somewhere in your living spaces,
or offer them as a present to your
dear friends!

there's still lots of posting work to catch up with,
and there are new features to be coming here as well!

One of which is a new absolutely lovely person,
that will be taking over the... keyboard here
a few times in a month,
she'll be coming here to share with you lovely finds from etsy, 
as seen through her very creative & artistic eyes.

Revelation soon 
her first post  launching this Thursday September the 1st !

Till then though, I 'll be continuing my efforts in posting as much as possible 
corresponfing to the month of August.

c u soon dear all  ~