~ there where the light shines...

time: shortly after sunrise this past Sunday
place: the veranda of our current home

what more can someone ask for when every day one wakes up into the sky
 and is bathed in light throughout the whole day?

there are no words to describe my unhappy emotions about soon having to 
move out of this place

{picture from the veranda to the apartment inside, with reflections on the window}

it's the first time in my life that I'm so unwilling to make a change,
and in the meantime,
I trust myself that it is neither fear nor stubborness speaking...

in any case, when life brings a situation ahead of us,
resisting can only cause harm and prevent evolution

 I wish for health, abundance & progress in my life,
therefore I eventually have to let it go...

after having resisted with all my power,
I'm already tired & has caused me
to fall behind on work,
that would otherwise be so happily completed

I cannot forsee the future & do not at the moment know how,
but I do know that happiness will shine through in my heart again

till then and after having embraced my feelings of sadness,
I will try to put more effort on my personal projects
after all, a very important part of my happiness is also derived from creating,
designing, making, giving birth to ideas,
which is also part of my job...

I plan to keep me very busy therefore in the shortly upcoming future...

and reckon that after some days of dealing with feelings & emotions,
a healthy reaction is to turn the focus on something else, don't you?

honestly, what do you do when changes are ahead,
especially when they are some you really wish you had to do without?

I keep having this quote in mind:

see opportunity there were difficulty lies

wonderufully said...
wonderfully read....
ha! now let's put it into action

what do you usually do?

~ ~ ~

wishing you all a lovely day,
but just a second before I go,
I've been wanting since a few days to thank you one by one,
while linking to your online homes & places,
for having taken the time 
 caring enough
to make a little pause, read & share a thoughtfull, 
warm hearted answer under the latest posts

Thank you my dears:

you have brought serious input & most of all warm feelings in my heart 

Thank you for being all such amazing people 

P.S: by the way this post and opening picture bring memories of that wonderful late afternoon last year, I made this picture & then wrote a little poem about...


  1. Hello Iro,
    Please don't be sad ... Of course you have a beautiful house now but I'm sure you will find another one much more beautiful and you will turn it in a lovely home, full of light,love and happiness.

    I understand that this might be difficult for you now, but later you will remember this present challenge and smile because you will be full of joy and happiness. Please don't forget that when life closes a window God opens a door.

    Wish you all the best! xoxo :)

  2. Well the post of 21:25 is mine, from Helena (Lisbon/Portugal) and not from Heena ;))

  3. Liebe Iro,
    zuerst einmal vielen Dank für deine wundervollen Worte auf Flickr und deinen süßen Kommentar auf meinem Blog. Ich freue mich :)!

    Weil wir fast zwei Wochen unterwegs waren, habe ich deine letzten Neuigkeiten erst jetzt gelesen. Es tut mir leid, dass du so unglücklich darüber bist :(.

    Sollen wir diese Woche mal wieder telefonieren? Am Donnerstag vielleicht? Ich würde mich sehr freuen :).

    Liebe Grüße, Nadine

  4. it is sad to leave a place so well loved and lived ..but your memories of your life there AND your artistic talent in a new place will help I am sure ..love the quotes!!

  5. Dear Iro,

    please don´t be sad!

    Everything in the future will be "poly kala" and all though "poly orea". Every change in the life has a good reason, I am sure about that!

    Please think positive! I already moved eight times in my life, i am not proud about this, but everytimes i think positive for this!

    filakia for you!


  6. Helena, just to let you know that since I read your comment I feel so moved and enrgised. What a lovely person you must be!
    Is there a place online I can find you posting or sharing? I'd love to connect with you.
    kind regards, Iro

    Nadine liebe, so süsse bist du auch :)
    Ja, machen wir das gern! Wir telefonieren uns am Donnerstag. Ich freue mich sehr darauf, xo

    Elk, thank you so much for the encouragement! these quotes must become the spirit of the upcoming days ;)

    Meiki my dear, as I was thinking of you and came to find your comment :)
    thank you so muchfor coming by to write here, it means a lot to me!
    ... eight times is a lot of work and adjustment to go through I must say!
    I'm looking forward to us meeting once and finding out more about it... while you practice a little bit of Greek and my my German ;)
    We'll keep in touch for our projects, too.
    I should be returning in a good shape soon!

    Filakia to you too or better, ganz liebe Grüße und Küsse, xo

  7. Hello Iro!
    Thank you my dear for your kind words but I'm a very ordinary person :)
    Unfortunatelly I don't have a blog or anything online, only my email. I like to read you (and you write so well) and see your always lovely photos and sometimes and I comment. Pls excuse some mistakes in my writting.
    Like in the song, please "be happy"and you will.
    xoxo :))

  8. Hola Iro!tu luz brillara donde quiera que vayas,porque la llevas dentro de ti.Un beso