... with grace in her heart & flowers on her hair ~

 hello weekend
 hello inspiration
 hello to you all
 to much more who have been passing by to take part in the give away
have brought here for you!

A smiling welcome to all new members of this blog
the warmest hello to all friends, readers & like minded people
with whom this blog is coming to life.

Today's inspiration comes once more from the corridors of Pinterest,
where I've lately caught myself "liking" much more than pinning in my own boards,
 a fact which made me think about the
 need to make something ours,
  to belong,
 to own...

Pinterest has turned out to be a massive on line & social phenomenon,
with over 11.7 million users & 11 million visits per week{!}

Asides from all the beauty & inspiration that can undeniably be found in its virtual pages,
I can't help but noticing how the whole thing as a phenomenon
emphasizes the need people have for beauty
especially "'owning" beauty...

 we find a pin, pin it on one of our boards
& then we somehow walk away with a little satisfaction
that we are closer to what the image that we pinned reflects

only that I'm afraid beauty cannot be owned,
brilliance can't be owned either,
neither can love
or any 
attribute of life that we find appealing to us.

All these can be experienced though
can be expressed in our every day lives,
should we decide that
living beautifully & meaningfully at the same time
is our goal in life

Does it perhaps sound vague?

Stop for a moment.
Look around you.

How does your home environment look?
How does your office surface look?

Reality - how does this strike to you?
Does your real life include some parts of at least a few of the things you like?

Yes? smiles + a big applause to that.
You are quite possibly a blessed person, hard working & certainly very brave

No? this can be very disappointing & frustrating
in that case, let us examine, WHAT are we doing to bring our dreams into our realities.
Life is not the same for everyone.
As unfair as it might seem, we are all different,  
some have more, some have less
the cup of pain is bigger for some, smaller for others...
and the story goes on...

Still, the moment we decide to stop investing our energy into living other's lives,
{~> fulfilling labels that we haven't actually consciously chosen for ourselves,
~> day dreaming in a non pragmatic & effective way}
 concentrate on the lives we are currently experiencing,
the basis for a deep change can be set.

We ALL have the power to change.
Most of us will at some point be petrified by fear,
which will take a million forms manifesting in our lives,
in order to avoid the hard work & often pain & uncertainly that change brings.
Change also carries the happiness of smaller & bigger accomplishments
along the way though.
Exactly what we are longing for... but

how can we achieve it?
Setting realistic goals & keeping our feet on the ground,
while at the same time being prepared to fly
on life's adventurous air balloon...

oh the balance that is required...

speaking of which, are you noticing how the diptychs put together here are somehow balancing each other?
     even when they are not fully connected, complementary, or even contradictory to one another?

however bizarre,
I imagine that this beautiful woman making her living as a model back then,
would be equally successful & delighted when baking muffins
in the coziness of her home

two different sides of the same life,
both needed for balance to be achieved...

well, it has been long enough of a post... so I'd rather put a full stop. I'd love to hear from you in your section of this blog, the comments one. I hope your mornings started or are about to start somehow like that... I know mine didn't today, but drinking a cup of herbal tea & chewing on digestive cookies covered in dark chocolate, while I'm typing this {meant to be completed & posted yesterday} seems also a nice & positive way of beginning this weekend

and then I know that...

now,  if you excuse me my dears,
I have a bunch of fears to overcome,
get over my hill,
see what I find there,
with grace in my heart
& flowers in my hair...

see you at the other side {of the spectrum, the hill or however you wish to call it!}

have a wonderful weekend!

love - forgiveness - vision - decision - persistence & work


Collage & diptych creation credit: Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos for Domestic Stories with Ivy

Picture credit: opening collage clockwise top left: Jane Peters - deep grey - Sofia Copolla
last picture: Inspiring words


  1. Hello dear Iro! I am happy imagining you sipping tea and chewing on cookies :)

    This post is so honest and inspiring at the same time. We all go through ups and downs. That is inevitable. But with an attitude like yours, we can only be set to overcome our hard times and learn and move on. So thank you for the calm reminder.

    I agree that beauty, love and brilliance, among many other of life's goodies cannot be owned. Rather, they are simply made to experience. This also made me think that we should not own fear, doubt, regret or any of life's other sour qualities either. They are simply experiences. There is no need to carry those around as if we own them. Balance exists here too then.

    I love the bike and imagination quote + the model and the muffins!

    Lots of hugs xoxo

    1. Holly dear friend,

      thank you for a comment carrying lots of wisdom, which offered me a new way of perceiving the described situation/ condition.

      Your words here but most of all that long talk with you this past weekend has helped so much to pick myself up, rather than my fears.

      Hope you'll be having a safe & enjoyable trip today! Looking forward to your news & us meeting again!

      Lot of hugs from me ,too
      Take care!

  2. wonderful post, so inspiring and true! thank you dear iro! i love your blog, the pictures, the statements! it gives me the feeling to know you a little bit :)
    wish you a good time with experiences that get you over your hill! bye nana

    1. Hello Nana,

      thank you for wonderful words that certainly bring a bright smile on my face! Hearing from other blog writers this little phrase "I love your blog" is like music to my ears. As if you like & enjoy a very personal creation of mine... so glad that you are among the readers here!
      I should definitively refresh my visits to yours ~

      Have a wonderful week,
      Warm regards,
      Iro, xx