Aujourd' hui j'aime: raw materials & fresh beginnings ~

some choices for a stylish & creative beginning in the new week:

~> diy concrete candle holders made of plastic cups 
{I'm SO making these as soon as I get my hands on some concrete!}

~> that awesome leather drop chair by Arne Jacobsen
~> a relaxed outfit {if you could please locate the original source, share!... this is the best I could find ; )}
in white, grey & a touch of brown
~> the serene, all white kitchen with an island as a central working area
of this magnificent architectural project /{The townhouse} completed in 2009 in Berlin, Germany

... concrete, leather, cotton, linen, & metal in the form of inox,
all raw materials, in basic colors,
others soft, other rough,
some mat & some shiny, 

they all steal my heart & I wouldn't hesitate a minute to slip into a similar outfit,
or incorporate in my personal or clients' environments 
such elements...

just a little "Aujourd'hui j'aime" post to share with you
for a fresh beginning,
till a few shots of the weekend that just passed are also posted...

 hope you are all having a great day!


oh! some notes before I go:

~>  have you read {this recent post} addressing thoughts on Pinterest, beauty, our need to own it &
the fear of change that lots of us might be facing at certain stages of our life?
~> then, have you taken part in {this fabulous give away} to win a super stylish bag just like the one I've been holding myself?
~> and have you read the 1st official post on our kitchen adventures on Ikea Family Live?

yes? lovely!
no? it's never too late ; )

collage creation: Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos for Domestic Stories with Ivy
Picture credit: throughout the post


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  2. A great post! As always :) Love your choise of images so much and of course the way you arranged them. Neutrals but still really balanced is the best basic for everything - our environment, interiors, our clothes etc. (you can add nearly everything here) and even for our thoughts and our personal life in general.
    Take what's given - might it be concrete or not, discover the charakter this 'material' has by nature, its unique and very special beauty and then just 'play' with its opposites and try to balance it. It might take a while, as all parts have their own strength and power, their own light and shadow, which means you can't just take the same amount of each for balancing both... try something, change it, if you don't like, take something away of which you think it doesn't fit, add something different, check it again, try something else maybe ... and most of all just keep patient ;)

    Your collage and your thoughts about it are just precious and totally reflect my own style and thinking, too. It's a very lovely and beautiful reminder of what everything is about and a great start into a hopefully great and amazing week.

    So thanks for that and a tight hug my dear. :*)
    Lysann xoxo

    1. Hello dear Lysann!

      Thank you for your nice & elaborate comment :)
      I'm aware that such choices reflect your sense of style, as it is quite obvious through your Pinterest boards. I'm glad you are enjoying these posts & always happy to read your thoughts.

      Wishing you one creatively delightful week ahead!
      A tight hug from me, too

  3. Beautiful collage! Found your blog from twiggs' and immediately fell in love.

    1. Hello Mervi :)

      Welcome here! I'm both glad you like this place & quite happy you found it through Claudia's {Twiggs'} latest post.

      I'll visit you over, too :)

  4. I really love that chair! Hughs and have a nice evening! Anja

  5. Je l'aime aussi!! I love those DIY concrete cups!! Have a fab week, Iro!

    1. ... no clue how days have been passing by so quickly Igor... thank you for your nice wishes & happy you like these choices.
      Hope you've been having a fabulous week so far. Happy Thursday friend!

  6. oh such a beautiful collage! i also love the diy concrete cups! that is absolutely raw and would look great on your place, adding more character and distinct look! have a beautiful day tomorrow my dear... yes, today i stayed up really late :)

    1. ... early good morning {was at 07:30am...}, collecting sunrays in our still unfinished living room, just a little before preparing breakfast... thank you for your comments my dear Claudia. On my latest "long lasting mess" picture, too.
      I'm also wishing you a wonderful day ahead with lots of creativity & as many more recovered files of your work as possible. (I understand what it going on as I read your explanation last night).
      Hopefully every single one of them!

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