Fresh beginnings ~

Good morning my dears!
Here's to a happy Tuesday & some shots from the weekend as promised
{plus an extra one from the 1st of March}

Actually my 37th birthday took place this Sunday &
it was only a simple day spent mostly at home...
marked by an early wake up listening to the tweeting birds,
a walk in the woods & by the lakes nearby...

while lots of action took place in the kitchen {!}
from preparing dinner for two,
to baking cookies...

and a little more action in the dining area set up in the winter garden,
where my favorite handmade garland {once here}
finally got to see the light,
by being spread out in front of the white jalousies... {smiles :*)}
isn't it a little sort of amazing how many happy vibes
a garland can capture, project or bring to a place?

At the same time, the lilacs & muscaris 
{brought home from Ikea during the last days of February}
had bloomed just in time a few days before,
only to be in a really beautiful blooming state on that day,
also filling the place with their pretty {but admittedly too strong!}

There were no guests, neither a specially celebratory mood,
but enjoying an afternoon coffee with family -
my partner & his father,
later a dinner for two under candle light
receiving throughout the day so incredibly many & mostly heartwarming
wishes through mails & messages
{I guess I should be thankful to Fb's birthday reminder ; )}
really made this day
one to remember...

Most of all,
one to remember that there is nothing like 
fresh beginnings...

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

now, how about me letting you look at the pictures on your own, while wishing you one meaningfully wonderful day ahead? You are finding me in the process of re- planning & setting goals on the work level, so there is plenty to do both to bring the shop back to life, finally organize & set up a studio corner here, while also considering new projects, new possibilities... busy bee even when at the moment being  at home... off she goes... see you here quite soon!




  1. I love your pics! Looks like spring is in your house already:-), hugh Anja

    1. Thank you Anja :)
      After spending quite some time on your blog last night, I must say that your home looks spectacular!

  2. I love the new curtains (the white Ikea ones with the black leaves)! Did you make them yourself?

    1. Hello Rita :)

      The fabric was indeed bought at Ikea and they were sewn by hand by my mother when she visited over February. The placement has turned out somehow wrong. They'll eventually be put higher and there are few more jalousies to place. Talking about work in progress & lots of patience along the way... ;)

      Glad you like them & nice to see you! xx

  3. What a happy post! I had to smile when I saw the garland as you mentioned you were envisioning it the other day :) I love the second to last picture. Very beautiful. The light in your veranda seems lovely.


    1. Hi Holly!

      Glad you are smiling reading the post :)
      Though this was not what I have been envisioning, it's a step towards it ;) The dining area in the winter garden gets indeed lovely morning & afternoon light now that the days are getting bigger. Some actual sun helps. Today it's just wonderful.

      Sending hugs all the way north to you, xo

  4. Happy Birthday and lots of love ♥ Denise

    1. Many kind thanks for your wishes Denise ♥ xx

  5. Here i am dear Ivy, having missed your birthday but it is never too late, is it, to wish you a beautiful blessed birthday. May all your dreams become a reality.....and you be always surrounded by love and serenity. ♥♥♥

  6. let me say that this corner of your home is so amazing! i loved the morning light, the flowers, the whites, the lilac, the cookies... every detail seems perfect and so welcoming a new month, a new beginning! i could see myself on that table with a cup of hot tea + the homemade cookies and my cameras. embracing the nature outside, appreciating such blessing! have a lovely day my dear and a new fresh start of the week!

  7. There is no way you are 37! So glamorous and gorgeous. I envy you and your wonderful style