Postcards from Greece ~

so this is Greece...
bright white...
emphasized by the shining sun...
plasticity in architecture...
humble furniture...
lots of flaws...
fading paint...

inviting corners to sit &enjoy from a morning coffee,
to a midday ouzo,
a late dinner...

surrounded by endless blue sea
 very often friendly people,
displaying great hospitality...

 jump over {here} to watch a little video of Greece!
there are thousands available on line, 
 still I love the song
by {this} modern band,
singing in Greek,
  using such beautiful words + lyrics...

the pictures of this post were taken during our recent trip to {Kos island}
the ones presented here today were all taken in the city center...

  as you may well guess both my parther and I were taking plenty of photos!
 still, as cohesion  & an overall clean look 
 are both matters key to the appearance of the little place I keep here,

you'll be enjoying just a few,
hopefully leaving you with a vivid taste of how my favorite corners looked like.

 these are shots mainly of just two different corners,
photographed through various angles + perspectives...

  in my effort to actually document 
how it felt to walk in  these little streets...
 during a pleasantly hot summer day...
being {barefoot}...
carrying my sandals in hand....

with the camera in the other hand...
my most favorite person on earth beside me
or maybe not always so beside me,
as we both love to explore...

only to meet again and start photographing each other
realise that we've been taking similar pictures...

this is a place where my heart + soul totally stood still ~
time stopped existing for a while ...
at least so it felt so ~

I love such times...
and cherish them forever ~
wouldn't you just love to be there?

there are more pictures of this vacation to be shared,
 in some dosis now & then,
so that I also get a nice, refreshing feeling
 when preparing the posts here,
since I've been really missing Greek summer so much already.

 the next one will include 
a small list with 
all the places we loved being at, 
when on the island

hopefully they will be a good reference for you in case you visit Kos!

c u quite soon, 
right here,
with a post featuring a cute as a button etsy shop,
you are sure to love!

P.S: the two photographs with the watermark "Domestic stories with Ivy Photography" are getting prepared to be available in the etsy shop. In case you are intersted to already order directly via email, a lovely discount will be made for you :)


  1. beautiful postcard: i love fresh colors of Greece and your details

  2. Wow Ivy ! I love your bright pictures from Kos. (The one with your shoes is actually my favorite ;))
    It's a great virtual escape considering how cold and rainy the last days have been in Paris.
    Thanks for sharing this lovely moment.
    Take care,

  3. Για ακόμα μια φορα οι φωτογραφίες σου είναι φανταστικές!
    Greetings from hot hot hot Crete! xoxo

  4. i just can't express how far you've come and how beautiful your work is iro

    i am so impressed and in love with it all

    so very very lovely

    i especially love these with the stronger contrast (is that what it is that I am loving???!)

    cross your fingers for me - re you know, life & such