~ when "real life" happens ...

lovely all,
good evening  & of course good afternoon to residents of America!

 I'm sure that you are all familiar with the factor
 "real life", right?

 ...it takes place when for a day, you intend to post in the late afternoon,
 thinking that you'll be home alone
 as he has plans for grilling with collegues in a garden

 and then life happens,
 a storm bursts out,
 the bell rings around the usual time and it's him...

 "I' m hoOome..., plans are postponed for a rain free day..."
 "oh lovely" she thinks...great that you are here,
 also thinking that her post about an  cute as a button etsy shop
 was left in the middle, 
 as well as a few mails unanswered...

 possibly some readers anticipating
 the appearance of 
 the fingers on the keyboard
the person behind the screen, 
 responsible for the content of this blog here...

 "oh my!" she thinks I'd hate to let them down,
 but then she wants to rush nothing...

 so she gives in to 
  "real life", which happens again,
 with her in the kitchen,
 making an unplanned chocolate cake,
 while the washing mashine is almost ready with the laundry,
 shirt ironing has hardly started,
 the dishes are done
 after the cake making they need to be done again...

 whichever the case my dears,

 real life comes first,
 and so long as it happens, 
 lines like these can be written...

 I'll see you {almost} first thing in the morning here,
 untying the lovely package that you see in the photo above

 before I go though, 
 a very dear "thank you" to amazing Holly Becker,
 who mentioned Domestic Stories with Ivy blog today
 in her open discussion on Facebook,
 as one of her prefered inspiring blogs,
 basing their original, 
 genuine content, 
 on the writers' {inspiring} every day life.

 I spent half the day so incredibly happy & honoured for that
 made me think that the best thing that I've ever done 
 in my whole life, was to actually begin listening to & following my heart.

 in the meantime, I'm confident it's taking me right where I want to be,
 and there were life has plans of taking me,
 supported of course by:
persistence, work, patience & endless love
 c u tomorrow ~


  1. real life is what life is all about!
    ♥ hanlie

  2. Heeheeee yes 'real life' gets in the way of 'planned life' sometimes but your 'real life' moment sounded so cosy! Baking a chocolate cake talk has me craving some! Found your blog through Holly and I love it.