~ goodbye summer ~

Hello everyone!
 it 's one of those times that I'm  happy to be managing to come here 
 and post despite the late hour of the day.

 So first things first,
 let me wish you a great new month ahead,
 together with the new season...

 whenever September comes, it makes me look back to my school years
or even the ones I was working as an English teacher back in Greece...
I remember the bittersweetness it brought with it at the beginning...

on the one hand so eager to begin something new,
on the other hand still wishing that there would be more days
free left for swimming & a relaxed way of life

but then, which kid {and teacher} doesn't love having a great excuse to 
 get their hands on new stationary?

see my point ; )

 before I move on to current news and autumn related stuff
{coming tomorrow}
I wanted to say the sweetest goodbye to this summer,
and cherish some of its wonderful moments 

 one of these was our preparation for a mini 5 day vacation
 on Kos {a Dodecanesean Greek island}
and off course the heavenly delighful days
 we spent there, for which you can read about it 

 As you have probably suspected from the pictures floating around this post,
 one of my favorite part of the trip's preparation was packing for the trip
having the chance to use the new Tote that has just arrived at our door.

in a perfect size, perfectly sewn & double sided in beautiful black & white
cotton fabric,
I was so pleased to have ordered this 
from the {etsy shop} of a very {creative woman},
who also happens to be a marine scientist
living in Faro, Portugal.

Rita's passion is to sew and she certainly does a fabulous job!
I discovered her shop after she placed an order

So happy she did!
not only for honouring me by choosing somethimg handmade & thought off by me,
but also cause I got to the chance to get familiar with
 her wonderful bags, more of which you can see {here}

this is my order shortly after I opened it {the bag is folded in the middle here} 
 it was nicely wrapped,
 there was a thoughtful personal letter
a proof of having contributed to a good cause with my purchase!

I like that so much!
 the cherry on the top of the cake,
was a very practical & pretty present:
a tissue "pocket"

however of a detail it might be,
I really disliked having to carry my tissues in their plastic package
so this little accessory has been making my day 
everytime I need to pull out
or to offer a tissue!

Even though I have already since a long time personally thanked Rita,
I had also promised to link you to a few 
shops connected to bags,
worthy of their price
{Ogato tigrado} is certainly one of them.

Thank you Rita,
I spent a fantastic summer carrying your bag!

it accompanied me from the beaches in Greece,
to the Spa in Frankfurt
the river in our neighbourhood,
carrying blankets to set on the grass...

 and now that the season has changed and so do the colours of the wardrobe,
it is finding it's space around our home,
other times filled with magazines
others with crafting supplies.

still I think "she" was at her happiest right there: 

Good bye summer... till next year!

have a good night everyone
a warm hearted welcome to all new readers
I'm so glad to see you here and be reading your comments 
Thank you so much : )

 c u all tomorrow... 
  with  more posts
 {one of which was planned for today, which is being posted with a little delay though}

better late than never said the Greeks ; )


  1. Bravo Iro! Love it - today I spent my evening at my window musing about life and coming autumn - I was inspired by the fresh, crisp autumn air! Kalo mina! Here are my thoughts of the day: http://t.co/4hsNtjQ

  2. My dear Iro - I'm blushing right now... What a wonderful post about me and my bags - Thank You so much! I'm feeling so honored right now - it's really great to see that my work is appreciated by someone else. Having clients like you makes all the difference in the world! As you know, I'm flying to another Greek island this sunday, and I can't wait! I hope the weather there is still good, so I can enjoy some time at the beach & hotel swimming pool... I wish a wonderful weekend!

  3. Good morning Rita,
    good morning Igor {ladies always first ;}

    Rita, you are very welcome about it all. I was keeping the post about your bag to be the last one of August, in order to goodbye summer, as your Tote coloured my days so much brighter!

    I'm so pleased with the choice I made. It has even been mashine washed and ironed already and it "behaves" perfectly. As I adore the patterned fabric and black & white fits nicely to our home decoration, I'm not putting it away for next summer but chose to have it around all year long, using it as a home accessory as well.

    In the Spring, it will start accompanying me in trips to the grocery store, looking forward!

    Wishing you also a great weekend ahead and hope you to sew mamy more bags as soon you get a chance! Enjoy your trip to Greece,too!


    Monsieur Igor,

    I read your thoughts of the day and was particularly delighted to read about life musings and watching the city lights turn on one by one...
    such a great way to end a working day...
    wishing you a wonderful Friday & weekend ahead :)

    Kind regards to both,

  4. LOVED this post! I don't always comment but I always view! Love your style! LOVE this last shot you posted. Perfect farewell to summer shot!

  5. That's ok! Thanks for commenting !( :