@ the bright side of life

@ the bright side of life...
there are people like Mayi...
Stunned hardly describes how I felt when she contacted me,
in order to invite me over to her lovely place,
 offering me the chance to find out more about her.
In her late twenties and looking like nineteen, 
she lives a creative life in Panama all the way!

Before I go on talking about her, you may "listen to" our discussion right here:

Ivy & Mayi in a talking mood

Reading her background and resume in the "about me" section of her Heartmade blog, will give you a clue. I thought of copying, pasting and editing these sections for you to read here, but really noone could say it better than Mayi herself.
So, please do hop over here and have a read yourselves!

Just for the record:
~ a  double Bachelor degree in Communication Studies & Art Theory and Practice,
 with a minor in Art History 
a Masters in Art in Visual and Critical Studies
~ member on board of the Bio Museum, designed by Frank Gehry and curated by Bruce Mau
~ having already published her first book self titled,
 Mayi - a quirky autobiography
~ having held 5 solo art exhibitions, 
~ participated in 15 group exhibitions
~ founder of her Eco friendly Boutique, selling "few of a kind" and "one of a kind" pieces, all handmade by her with extreme care, attention to detail and lots of love
~ founder and author of her blog, a trully beautiful and inspiring place, which despite just having being launched this past June, it is growing fastly direction upwards!

It has taken a big paragraph and not even half her accomplishments are included.

Below is Mayi absolutely enjoying herself through her creative process.
I totally fell for this picture, when I saw it yesterday posted on her blog, as part of her gorgeous Work Space tour, which you can enter to be delighted right here.

 @ the bright side of life...
 there are always things we adore and wish to have
 or have already purchased.
Below is a collection of items found on Etsy in mossy green, mustard yellow and grey tones, 
put together by me,
 which you can lively see and visit here.

The inspiration in finding, choosing and grouping these together is Mayi herself 
and her amazing picture above.
 I just loved the colours of her outfit and her environment!
How gorgeous, stylish, fresh, adorable and bright!
Just like her personality.
Very well rooted and down to earth, 
with the ability to reach high and fly to the skies like a skillfull gul

See live this here

@ the bright side of life...
 there is this little Penthouse we are currently inhabiting,
 the lounge area of which is seeing new visitors daily,
not of the usual human kind,
 but new unusual ones,
 as the shop's custom orders are increasing.

Fine art photography prints of various sizes, cards, envelopes, garlands and scissors,
glue, and twine are now resting on the couch instead of us.

In need of a bigger space with a separate studio for me?
Oh please, how could you ever think of that!

I'm trully running out of clever and eye pleasing ideas for organising my stuff and supplies.
I'm counting on the next visit to Ikea...

What once was a minimal, organised space, 
is now a...creative chaos.
It has started becoming exhausting having to clean up daily the living & dining areas,
 (now used both as my working spaces)
in order for us to relax, have breakfast and dinner and occassionaly have friends over.

 @ the bright side of life...
 where I wish to be,
 people don't complain for what is not, 
instead are greatful for what is.
And this is what I'll do
and wish you all a happy Friday and weekend ahead

 Happy Friday lovely people!
There are about 9 more hours European time until midnight, 
when the Give Away ends and the lucky winner will be randomly chosen.
So leave a comment right here and win one of sweet Natalie's impeccable pictures!

and of course in the meantime, have a great time and take good care of yourselves

Love always,
Ivy ~ xx


  1. ivy you have left me speechless! this is the most beautiful article no one has ever written about me. you have showed me kindness + love since the very first moment we e-meet

    ... for all this + all the wonderful thing you are, i will be forever grateful.

    from the bottom of my heart the most sincere hug to you beautiful ivy!

  2. Mayi dear,

    you are trully such a person as described and I'm actually honoured that you showed interest in me! I'm astonished at your accomplishments and talents at this age that you are. I wish me half your grace, I'll be happy with that.

    And wishing you to always be so creative, inspiring and joyful as you are!

    Warmhearted wishes and hugs,
    Ivy ~ xx

  3. Isn't technology amazing...........getting people connected and spreading so much love!!!! XX

  4. It is indeed my dear friend!
    still you know my views...everything has two sides...it's up to us to choose which one.

    Much love to you, xx