The day after the 10.10.10....

Hello and a nice afternoon to all :)

Mondays seem to be on the busy side lately, making blogging come later in the day...
I hope you 've all spent nice weekends and mostly that your week has started in a wonderful, fresh way! I could be less tired, but have promised myself to take better care of me (again).
For the time being, I have just returned from an unplanned dinner,
which apart from delicious Greek food, brought relaxation and laughter.

Back home and putting this post together to inform you about the give away's winner. 

 Before I proceed with that though, let me share with you the source of the inspiration for this title.
It's a very, very dear friend of mine,
 who lives in a wonderful home in Kuala Lumpur.
She bakes delicious cakes and makes our mouths watery even from thousands of kilometers away,
 by posting her photos on flickr, right here.
She's lovely Madhu and will occasionally also be found here in the comments section.
Thank's for the inspiration dearest!

About the winner of  lovely Natalie French's give away,
it's Annya from England and this print below will soon be decorating the room of her grandchild to come!
Congratulations dear for both occassions!
All the best of wishes from us all!

Finally, many many thanks to you sweet Natalie for having organised this give away with me here.
It has been lovely cooperating  with you.
Remember that you can say hello to Natalie here, where you can also be linked to her shop, which is filled with wonderful new prints in her very characterisitc soft and distinguished style!

One little note before I leave, whoever you are who are reading these pages, asides those of you following and some friends, thank you very, very much for being such often visitors (also probably having told your friends!)

I had not ever once checked the statistics of this blog, and did so just recently.
I was very, very surprised, as these pages had actually 2 months birthday yesterday on the 10. 10 .10.

The views were  more than 6000, of which some 4000 something only in September.
Now you "famous" and successful bloggers with thousands of views daily in case you ever read that, I know you might be laughing with me. I understand your point of view.
The reason it has come as a surprise to me is that, this is hardly a commercial blog, nor is it based on building the "right contacts" on the online world, which helps a lot into gaining  - some - exposure.

I'm very happy for that and it encourages me to go on!
So will happen, always following the natural flow of life, meaning that there will be some periods with more posts and some with less.
Just like in a good & healthy relation ship, there is time needed to be spent together and time to be spent apart...while surprises and unexpected occurances are also welcomed.

Wishing you all to be spending wonderful evenings dear friends
Take care of yourselves

Love ~  Ivy, xx


  1. you have a right to be happy dear...beautiful everything..and congrats to the winner~

  2. Please check my blog post about the Christmas Goodness Trade :)

  3. Dear Theresa,

    thank you my dear...today's post is connected to you and the beauty you offer. You are such a great influence and inspiration.

    Dear Ana, thank you for posting this here as well. I'm delighted to be exchanging Christmas gifts with you and so honored to have been included in your list.

    Kind reagrds to you both,
    Ivy ~ xx

  4. Love and happiness to you always Ivy XX

  5. All the same to you my dear Madhu XX ~ Love always