~ centering

Where are you going girl?
I ask myself

Whenever I feel that my center and I have lost contact, I pose myself this question.
It is a declaration of need for reorganisation.

Symbolically, it's time to go through the closet of emotions and see what is useful, what is useless, what is something that served our needs and purposes once but not any more - therefore time to give it up.
It's time to see what more we might be in need of, something new to us perhaps.

I pretty much guess that I will actually spend some days reorganising my wardrobe among other things, much as I advise my clients to do, when they want the redecoration and renovation of their homes to reach a little bit deeper and bring an actual change in their every day realities, other than beautifing them.

So I guess I'll be hiring myself, cause I'm in need of some help before I engage into the next renovation project offering my services to wonderful others.

What good is giving advice about how can others take care of their own gardens, when we fail to take care of our own ones?

So, cause I love taking care of my and our garden here

as much as  I love helping others into taking care of theirs, 
I'll be devoting myself to that these days and be coming here to post spontaneously (not that this is much of a change)
Before this posts ends, there are two places (among others) in this vast online world, which speak right into my heart, speak of quality, genuinity, creativity and are put together by two people whose personalities cannot fit in any words.
Theresa and Doreen. Simply fabulous.
See them. Read them. Feel them. Get inspired to find your true selves through their outstanding work and presence.

 Fabulous portraits. Fabulous stills. Outstanding photography by Doreen Kilfeather.
       Doreen Kilfeather's website: http://www.dkilfeatherphotography.com/

If anybody can talk about style it is definetely Theresa.
I read hardly any blogs yesterday. I was happy to have spent some quality time reading this post on Style ~ 
Theresa aka T does wool's blogspot: http://tdoeswool.blogspot.com/

Enjoy my friends

Love always ~
Ivy ~ 


  1. I know this need to recenter and yes, it helps to declutter and to reorganize the wardrobe!
    I love your two links, I recently found Doreen's amazing photo's and I love Theresa's poetic photostream and her wonderful blog!

    Liebe Grüße


  2. oh,sweet you,thank you...for YOUR inspiration....xoxo

  3. Hope you get all done that you need to Ivy. My list of organizing never ends and I never make it to get all the things done. I wish you lived near so you could help me. I love Doreen and Theresa's art too! Have a wonderful week sweet Ivy!

  4. Good luck de-internetting and sorting out things at home.. I like it to soometimes be a few days without the PC and just do nothing but hanging around, talking biking around the city and listening to music ;)

    Thanks for the beautiful link!
    x desiree

  5. Such wonderful people and friends here :)
    It's lovely to find your comments my dear Desire, Beverly, Theresa and Demoiselle Libelulle (schön Dich auch here zu sehen)...thank you :)

    Centering has gegun and going well, nice to have you beside me.

    Take care ~ Your Ivy, xx

  6. What a beautiful post with such peaceful images. Love both Doreen and T and their amazing talent. ♥

  7. Hello Kristi,

    thank you for your visit and kindest comments.
    As for Doreen and Theresa, exactly as you said...amazing talent ♥

    Hope you to be spending a nice weekend,
    Ivy ~

  8. Ivy, I'm totally smitten by your work! You have such a talent! Your beautiful and peaceful photography seems to reflect the sweet personality you have which I grasped from your writing. I love the way you decorate and dress yourself. You have a great taste! You look fabulous in that white dress. I was in the same BYW class with you and admired your work on the mood board. After looking at all of your posts on your new blog here, I feel energized with inspiration! Thank you! Kaho

  9. very interesting and beautiful blog!!!

    Big kisses from Croatia.
    Zondra Art

  10. Zondra thank you very much for your kind words :)

    Kaho hello! I also thank you for all your super wonderful comments!I hope you'll not be dissappointed if I tell you that you must be mistaking me for another of Holly's talented students, as I've not participated in a BYW course I'm afraid.