The chosen three 2: ~> eat pray create

.....here we are with the second chosen of the three shops for today.
Here comes Minna's simply adorable shop, of such supplies as cotton twine, tiny cloth pegs and wonderfully handcarved stamps among other beautiful products

Welcome to:

Being a customer myself, I find each and every one of the products to be absolutely lovely, made with lots of care, attention and passion.
I love a person who is passionate about what he/she does.
I love a person who actually lives to create, cause this flows from deep within.

It is remarkable that the more passionate and talented a person is, the more of a tranquil feeling and outcome characterizes his/her work.
However stunning, gorgeous or impressive their work might be, there is always a feeling of coherence, continuity and great balance.
The work flows....effortlessly...like a stream of water running down a pretty hill...
Look how wonderful they all are for themselves and how beautifully they are combined with each other....


Tiniest & cutest of wooden cloth pegs:

celbration flags:

ecologically dyed cotton twine in wonderful pastels:

and more one of kind, handcarved stamps:

On a last notice but definetly not the least important one,
I adore the packaging Minna does.
Having received the parcel of my order in my hands, I felt the time, effort and love she devotes in what she does.
 She loves her work, she loves her shop and she respects her customers,
 while carrying a lot to please them and offer them a unique shopping experience that is characteristic of who she is as a person. A carrying, sunshiny person.
Visit Minna's shop right here 
if  you are a flickr lover, find her pictures also here
and do visit her wonderful blog

Fianlly, one on my motos being 
1 picture = 1000 words,
see for yourselves what (and how') I received:

....as lovely and caring as it gets!

and with this I'm leaving you for.....like another few seconds and jumping over to the last and biggest feature for today.....which you 'll adore as much as these two last ones and quite possibly even more!

See you at a shop I'd be proud to own, had I not been having my own shop....

Ivy, xx

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