The chosen three: 3 ~> monkey puzzle

Hello on a Tuesday afternoon...a typical, cloudy, rainy, chilly afternoon, which I 'm very happy it's finding me at home, with a hot cup of tea in hand (in our new favorite mugs)

Perfect time for writing and bringing thoughts and news on the pages of this online diary.
The news today is that a new column is incorporated here, under the name

~ The chosen three ~

I'll be sharing with you preferably on a Teusday ( please mark not every Teusday) three shops of fellow Etsy sellers, that I particularly like and have either had a personal experience as a customer, or I feel to be sharing lots in common concerning styling and shop philosophy on many levels.

I chose three, as this number is quite symbolic to me.
and spekaing of symbolism,
I also chose to put such a post together on a Tuesday,
 cause the word for this day in Greek language is"Triti" meaning " the third" .

wonderful...so we have an assemblamce of threes:
1 one ~> ivy style33
2 two ~> sharing 3 chosen Etsy shops
3three ~> on a Tuesday or else the 3rd day of the week according to Greek culture.

And now that you have become familiar with what is and will be, let's start backwards from number three today.
In number three, there will be a shop, I haven't made a personal contact with, still have somehow accidentally discovered it and  loved it.

This is the case with Monkey Puzzle.
I love this shop for the wonderful banners it sells, being myself both a garland lover and maker.

Recycling philosophy,
stylish pictures with a designer's eye
and one of a kind, inspired, handmade creations in wonderfully chosen and combined materials.

Definetely a place to visit!
Here is a glimpse to the shop, which you may find here

I hope you have been inspired as much as I have when finding this little corner of calm beauty and handmade treasures in the vast world of Etsy!

....now moving to the second one of the chosen three....in a next post, attemping to keep things organised and easy to find around these pages.

See you in just about a second ...still till then,
much love and take care of your precious shelves

Ivy, xx

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