~ a touch of sweetness

cakes ~
 macaroons ~ 
 pom pom flowers ~
  and an amazing patchworked curtain making up a tree...

all lovely ways to add some sweetness in your life,
without exagerating with girlyness, femininity & romance

your girlfriends & mum are gonna love them,
your boyfriends, companions & husbands
have great chances of not running away and sticking around,
while being able to feel comfortable in such environments

ok..just kidding ; )

take a closer look at each picture separately as you scroll down
and do not leave unoticed this
super brilliant embroidered home,
growing steadily its roots...

how modern, cute & lovely is this at the same time? 

I love the earthy dusty pinks along with whites,
am absolutely adoring the happy feelings and delicate humour
the flag banner brings on the cake
and the patchworked tree curtain in the bedroom below

and in this spirit, 
am introducing you to some of the crafting & creativity sessions,
  taking place in our sunny, little home studio.

all about paper boat making and much more soon in a next post ~
hope you are spending marvelous Fridays!

have recently been busy styling and photographing all around,
as there is some sample work to be submitted and a coperation with a magazine
I'm just so happy about.

all to be shared in the longterm 
in the shorterm, enjoy these picts and remember to capture the moment


Images credit: all linked to their sources. Click on [via]
collage: created by me
last picture: by me for Domestic stories with Ivy


  1. I think your blog and your home are beautiful. Those little paper boats are darling.

  2. I love your blog & your pictures really create a story!! Is it bad that you make me want to eat cake when it's really not my favorite?? it's just that mini-bunting… it's really too cute :)