~ the moments...you know them?

hello lovely people 
 big smile & wishes for a great Friday ahead
 I'd like to start posting today sharing with you the value of moments...
 do you know them?
 do you know these moments when time stays still?

it can be anything... anytime... anywhere...
it is a totally personal matter
experienced through different ways,
yet there is one common factor binding them all together...

it's is as if time doesn't exist
it's as if past, present & future all melt together in a picture,
where you are the protagonist
sometimes as the watcher,
sometimes as the doer,
or simply a participant

maybe you are fully diving into the strong smell of hot coffee as you are pouring it
into your mug,

myabe you are enjoying the quiet moments in your living space,
looking at your cats taking a nap on your couch,

maybe you have finally reached to this far away destination you always wished for,
in order to be there and look at the waters of the lake you dreamed since a child of visiting

or maybe you are resting at a beach under the sun, hidden under your big hat
and simply just feeling so incredibly grateful for being alive

or perhaps you are staring at your pride & joy,
your child, realising that this is actually a creature that has come out of you
you are simply taken by the mystery and the magnificence of life

do you know these moments my friends?
how do they appear to you?

one of the many ways time stays still for me,
is when I write for example,
which makes me be so thankful for this blog here
 for the fact that I'm step by step discovering like minded people,
who enjoy being an audience here,
but actually, I'd say better participants
of what is going on,
cause without you,
it would never be the same.

I love writing, photographing, creating & sharing all about it,
but it's everyone of you who takes some time around here,
that makes this place such a warm one to be.

so, have the most delightful of Fridays
...we'll be seeing each other here a lot,
as this weekend will be devoted to posting
quite often, 
in order to catch up with all these
(or at least some)
of all I'd like to share.

...and here is another way that time stops for me:

 when I feel loved,
much like here:


see you later with an inspirational moodboard ; )


Images credit:  all from my pinterest moodboards, linked directed to their sources under each. Click on [via]
collage on the top of the post: created by me
picture of me: JCN photography


  1. The photo of you it's really a good portrait.
    I don't write often a comment but I read you everyday...this is my daily pacefull place...when I arrive here I'm sure that I will feel better in a few moment :)

  2. Nailo, you cannot imagine how happy it makes me to read this...thank you so much for letting me know. I'm glad this is a peaceful place for you and that you are a regular reader, even a silent one ;)
    Keep on enjoying and would love to hear more of you from time to time.

    Have a great day ~ Iro :)

  3. do you have beautiful eyes! ;) love that picture of you , your words and the boat on the river picture is just divine!
    Bonne weekend

  4. Beautiful, I love the words written here too x