~ ~ > summer breeze

hello everyone + happy Tuesday
 I hope you'll have a gorgeous day!

this is me saying that I'm a little lost in my happiness these past few days
{while also working + preparing stuff}
 seem to be also loosing touch with time...

we are travelling to an Aegean island for a mini vacation a day earlier than I thought,
which means that there's more to do in less hours


this said, I prefer that the celebration taking place here begins when I return in just a couple of days.
I feel that I want to be connected and around when you'll be visiting over,
cause there'll be a long party going on,
as there's so much to celebrate,
marking my two years of blogging 
and other exciting stuff.
I 'm sure you understand and are all right with it, too.

so, I'll be off completing some styling work,
ironing a couple of light, mostly white clothes,
getting back to as much mails as I can throughout the day,
possibly a few phone calls, too
hopefully returning here with a nice inpirational moodboard

in the meantime, listen to & watch {this} & {that}

They are totaly making my heart smile
& have been torturing the really polite neighbours,
while I hit play all the time, often singing & dancing along...

 are you feeling the summer breeze, freshness & deep happiness that
love, friendship and creativity bring into life, too?....

: )


  1. I too sang and danced with this and that and felt the deep happiness and joy! It sort of hits you that the friendship is real and not just virtual :-)

  2. have a peaceful and joyfull time on holidays! wish you inspirations jumping from every corner, calling you from inside of the walls around you!

  3. I didn't know the brazilian song. It's beautiful indeed. Do you understand the lyrics? It's all about love... I'm also eager for my vacation/work trip to one of the Aegean islands in September!

  4. You are soooooo pretty!!! and soooo beautyfull!!!

  5. I've just found your blog, I think we are going to be good friends :) It's so lovely! Great photos and mood!