~ bringing Greece home...

so we returned....
  and I' ve stopped hiding under {my big hat}, as the weather back home in Germany is showing an unfriendly face...for which I prefer not to talk about, as I'm rather a little mad about it...
yes, indeed....silence is golden in these cases life has taught me ; )

our days were spent on the lovely Aegean island of {Kos}, part of the {Dodecanese islands}...
and I plan to post more pictures about it, together with a few tips of the best places,
personally tried out & recommended.

but till we reach there, a few shots from yesterday, which found me having difficulties adjusting being back in Germany & especially to the 15 to 20 C° degrees of difference!

So, I pulled together a few tricks to make me feel at home again in our lovely {Penthouse apartment} in Germany, little tricks which remind me of our heavenly days in Greece...

~ I bought myself flowers in the colour - pink! - of those that were surrounding me for about a week 
(pictures to come!)

~ I made a {Loumidis} {Greek - Turkish coffee} & poured it in my favorite super simple, white, Ikea mug,

~ I made a snack using:
 a. the one and only yoghurt {perhaps only after a homemade one} that tastes so delicious: {Total by Fage}
b. blendered walnuts & almonds that I prepare for {our smoothies}
c. a few {Petit Beure} biscuits by Papadopoulou, which mark my childhood & growing up

~ enjoyed all these on our tradiotional Greek "Kafeneio" table, 
{which has travelled all the way from Athens to Germany on a track some three years ago}

~ led my favorite scarf as a table cloth to remind me of the lovely wandering days in just few tiny clothes, 
this worn often as a mini skirt like {here}

~ brought the little beach treasures - pebbles & driftwood - out of the suitcase

~  read a few pages from my favorite {David Baird} editions, "A 1000 paths to Happiness"

and last but not least at all,
got down to working!

I finished the subsmission of a styling proposal for a lovely customer who is already super happy with it,
as much as having submitted my table styling suggestion for a magazine, 
the first official project I have been actually involved as a stylist, 
cooperating with another stylist and magazine editors.
So excited about it and eager to learn more on the subject of magazine/catalogue styling,
as I have forever adored it so!

Below is just a random shot of a few of the "equipment" I was using, 
where you can also see one of our veranda chairs, which are actually identical to the ones of the photo in the beginning, shot in Greece just this past Sunday...

Mission accomplished!
 despite the grey skies & rainy weather,
I feel again at home, energised & eager to get down to work!

How about you?
how have you been since the last time we "saw" each other here?

I really missed posting and wished to have done so while on vacation,
still the wifi connection available was slow and making a post would end up being time consuming,
when all I actually wanted to do was take in all the beauty surrounding us
and enjoy every moment....

there's much to share on many levels here on Domestic Stories!

a. pictures from our trip to Kos & suggestions
b. tips about a easy + stylish summer vacation wardrobe
c. few etsy shops to fall in love with!
d. news from my own shop
e. a celebration with a give away & special reduction codes for you my dearest readers :)
f. new inspiring moodboards
g. some organising tips around the house
...and so much more...

lookig forward to connecting with you again 
have a lovely day there & don't set a tear about the weather!
~ make your own sunshine ; ) 


  1. You are right - that yoghurt is soooo good! we have it here too. my favorite!

    congagulations on your career taking off in new ways

    ~ lgrrl

  2. Welcome back, looks like you had a lovely time. Sounds like you have some exciting times coming up! I love that vase/cup you are using for your flowers x

  3. i am so glad i found you! i can get lost here for hours! beautiful and so full of inspiration! i am your newest follower :)
    have a great day