~ the light, bright, sunny side of life . . .

good morning everyone : )

before proceeding with the posts mentioned {here},
I'd like to make a small pause to devote a little bit of time & space
to posting a collage dedicated to some "wonderful others"
all inspiring people with whom we meet on {flickr}

since I returned to an autumn like Germany, especially after having both spent {fantastic summer days on the island of Kos}  & left our home in a quite summery mood {the temperatures in Frankfurt were between 25 - 33 C° just a couple of days ago!},

I've been concentrating on finding the bright, light, sunny, fun & joyous side of life,
no matter what the weather forecast has in store for us

some of the {tricks I used at our home} were mentioned {here} yesterday, 
together with a couple of informative links
 to what actually is + the making of a Greek coffee,
along with a few of my very favorite Greek products.

 today, I've veen strolling in the magical corridors of flickr,
getting all inspired by my marvelous contacts...

 and finally

aren't all these great ways in bringing sunshine in our lives?...

~ how about you?
~ how do you make your days just a little bit brighter?
~ which simple ways do your have to make your days
memorable and sweet in feelings? 

looking forward to hearing from you,
hope you are all well, whether at home or on vacation : )

                                                  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

P:S {click on each colourful sentence to visit each picture of the collage, starting from the top left to right, row by row}


  1. Beautiful pictures! I am in love with those straws.

  2. Well...I shine my day reading your blog early in the morning and this one http://1000awesomethings.com/

    I always found something to smile for :)