~ JOYful simplicities ~

few ingredients for a  H a p p y  F r i d a y:

~ flowers...{what else?!}
~ a pink ceramic glass for a vase {Ikea}
~ a former strawberry crate performing as a tray...
~ holding litttle treasures from magical beaches 
{ pebbles & driftwood }
~ an everyday pretty notebook
{ more details about it here }
~ a good book...like Holly Becker's Decorate
~ a few sunrays...
~ and the day is brighter...

have been gathering the occasional sunrays that popped up today,
while reading favorite books in our sofa corner...

bringing memories from {our trip to Kos},
much like this wonderful colourful corner
of a cafe in the city of the island....

magical & energising don't you think?

I'll be coming again to post here in a while, as I've been preparing 
some fashion & styling tips for you.

and....it gets even better, as an extensise post
devoted to the beautiful  Blue of Greece, 
while sharing some places to go while on kos
will be coming next.

Saturday morning for some of you,
late Friday evening for others...

Hope your days are filled with at least a few happy, positive feelings!

much Love to you all!

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