magic x 3 ...

the 3 magic pieces of Spring / Summer:

1. a mini off white, cotton, trenchcoat with nice details,
2. a fabulous everyday bag
3. an easy to wear pair of chic & fun sandals


1. -> where is my  T r e c h c o a t   from?
Berska, bought in the spring season of  2007

-2. > where is my cotton & leather handle {adjustable} T o t e bag  from?
Fabric & Handle ordered this year, 
after I discovered their website + shop,
{about €30 with shipping}

3. - > where are my cork & grey cotton fabric S a n d a l s from?
our local C&A store, bought on 50% discount just a day before

....now that is no crazy amount for an outfit, is it?
take also into consideration the multiple ways a trenchcoat can be worn
notice that I chose my bag in a jean like fabric & camel handles,
so that it can be easily worn all seasons
and with many clothes...
in fact there's hardly anything in my closet that doesn't fit to it!


so, before I go on sharing some fashion & styling tips,
let me just make this little bit of information clear:
have fininshed no fashion school
certainly have no aspirations of becoming a model,
especially since my 40s are just a couple of years around the corner ; )
I hope you see my point in here...


I think everyone is allowed to LOVE STYLING, right?
cause I do.

...and I also hear a lot of compliments quite often,
as much as I notice that lots of my girlfriends are often
 inspired /influenced by the way I dress myself :)

so except styling interiors or products to be shot,
I have - like forever! - been in love with
good styling in general...
fashion included...
and perhaps having spent hours & hours reading editorials & magazines might have
left a mark on me...

I rarely do in the meantime, 
as there is plenty of inspiration on line,
and I generally do simply prefer to concentrate on what makes me feel better.

...and now you'll come asking & wondering?

what is "good styling"
and who defines it?

well, I could start making a list of wonderful famous people,
actors & actresses,
models & fashion designers
stylists and so on and so on...

and we'd find a lot of common people we both adore,
you and I together...

but instead I'll state that quite possibly "good styling"  could be an entirely personal matter,
which still follows a couple of guidelines...

though mainly, good styling is all about knowing WHO YOU ARE

for me "good styling" is:

~ classic, while inspired from modern trends

~ alltogether rather minimal

~ totally focuses on brigning out a person's nice physical characteristics

~ while "hiding" something less nice

~ its first & most important purpose is to make a person  HAPPY

~ and be "one" with the person herself/himself

~ avoiding giving a feeling of "what am I dressed like today?"

~ or "who do I want to look like"?

~ well, guess what? I'm simply every day & time myself!

~ and if I'm in any position to give a little Tip is to actually encourage you 
to invest time in figuring out who you are....


{a domain I hope I'll be able to help you in the future by organising 
self knowledge + self acceptance + personal styling seminars}

despite what some of you may believe, I'm currently not a wealthy lady,
which means that if and when I do, I shop very, very carefully.

the truth is that in the past I have been a rarther excessive shopper.
bad habbit I must admit...
but something saved the situation and me:

since about the last ten years, I've been understanding what suits me,
what does me a favour & therefore am relieved to say that there are almost no bad buys to 
recall, neither quality speaking, nor stylishly speaking.


what does this mean?
shopping in my own wardrobe is a fact that happens every major season of the year,

...and how does it take place? 

well, by actually reinventing my wardrobe! 
either by wearing some pieces in a different way,
or by adding a new accessory or two...

now, last but not least,
I couldn't forget to mention that caring for & loving our clothes
is involved in good styling, too.

let's suppose you are a person who loves little details, like ruffles for example...
 in that case, you'd either have to have the time & appetite to iron them
 or invest some money in having them done for you

still, my personal opinion is that when we take care of our clothes ourselves,
this somehow adds to the whole image...

I tend to believe that every action we do carries energy...
and putting some effort into
cleaning, ironing, folding and arranging our clothes in our closets,
 somehow makes them more ours...

so it's more probable that our clothes won't "wear us"
but we will actually wear them

....well, I guess it's time to get of that trechcoat and slip inside my nighty as it is already late here...

hope you have enjoyed this post...
I feel really nice incorporating some of my personal ideas about fashion + styling here on 
Domestic Stories

how do you feel about it my lovely readers & friends?
...and how is your Friday evolving?
have you had time to enjoy any JOYful simplicities?

c u right here, quite soon!
have a great start into your weekends ~

{indeed... you guessed right... new of my curated treasuries on etsy ; )}

P.S: the only reason I'm holding my sandal  in all the shots above is actually to be able to show it to you, as the mirror the shots were taken in front is obviously not long enough, still the lighting is just perfect, thank's to its position close to our large window...


Concept + styling + photography: all performed by Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos for Domestis stories with Ivy 2011


  1. Dear Iro, lovely post, and yes, I would love to read more on fashion and styling! Actually, our styles are rather similar. I love whites and neutrals and a clean, minimalist look. I do not always dress as chic as you due to my job (as you know, today I spent the morning working at the beach...), but I can easily see myself in your shoes... and clothes! You have a fabulous taste and an eye for beautiful things! Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Your posts are so very creative and beautiful! I adore your style, Iro ;-)

  3. Dear Rita & Laurie,

    thank you both for your feeback, it really makes me smile :)

    I'll see that a a few times a month there are some similar posts, as I quite enjoy the subject myself...it took rather a lot of time to start feeling comfortable in my own skin...and if there are ways that I could help & inspire others, I'd love to do it!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend,
    Iro, xo :)

    P.S: Rita, I hope you've found fabric to sew a bag similar to the one you sent me!
    Next week your special post will be on,too...can't wait! ;) xoxo

  4. lovely post and no matter what age you are you can be stylish and fun! you go girl! xoxo


  5. Dear Ivy,

    This post is beautiful and every single word in it is so true. Thanks for great advises. The simple is always the best way, and the less is always more. And, as Edna Woolman Chase said: "Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess".

    Thanks again, dear, best wishes to you! :)

  6. You're really lovely in these pics!!
    I love the style and you remember me one of my favorite style icon: Jackie O.
    Have a nice weekend my dear

  7. great post! I am excited about your seminar ideas ... sounds just perfect for you, as I'm sure any of your followers would agree that Ivystyle is definitely worthy of utter admiration. You will have a lot to offer! Xx.

    ps. today just flew by with no time to chat ... perhaps tomorrow. But I did make some significant progress on my project ;)

  8. Thank you all so much girls for your comments!
    Ilaria, Jackie had indeed an amazing style I myself like a lot, what a lady!

    Vanya, thank's for sharing this quote, quite true it is!

    Holy, have been thinking how much I miss teaching in general lately & such seminars seem to be a good idea...all in their right time, though ;)

    I'd love to share my experiences in finding a style I feel comfortable with, while feeling always like myself...and it would be really rewarding if other women {and men of course} could take a little internal trip in order to finally reach to their appearance...after all we only show + project what each of us has inside.

    Good luck with the rest of the projest...am really looking forward to seeing it!
    no stress about when we talk, we'll find our right time ;)

    xo, :)

  9. ein wundervoller Outfit!!!! :* alice