~ write your heart away

                                                                     my work? I wish!
                                                                    my belongings? I wish, too!

good afternoon everyone!...as promised, here I am, discussing notebooks and boy! do I have ones to adore to share with you! I'm delighted to share with you the work of  {N i k a  P e r n e}, an etsy seller whose work I discovered via an etsy treasury, as we were both featured together in one, that is if my memory doesn't fail me. I must be very careful about the amount of input I'm exposed to, especially when wanting to focus on quality!

Being a rather picky person I must admit, to completely fall in love with the work of someone is already a big deal. To feel that someone's work represent me so much, that I could have also produced something similar is another big deal!

Let me sum together the kind of notebooks that you'be finding in Nika's shop:

~ ones with hand drawn geometric illustrations
~ monochrome ones, plain or with messages
~ monochrome ones with photographs - single ones or collages of them
~ ones with stripes

What about the colour pallete she uses?

~ pastels mostly in pinks &  light blues
~ naturals in grey & beiges
~ bright pinks & turquoises
~ blues, bordeauxs & dark greens

I Love Her Work!

~ it combines drawing, illustration, photography & notebook making into one
~ eco friendly, using mostly recycled paper
~ carefully thought wrapping
~ all made by herself, 100% handmade, 100% professional
~ gorgeous product pictures & general sense of styling + aesthetics
~ clean lines & minimalism in a captivating way!

Want to know what I would gladly shop from her collection?
My Virtual Shopping Cart is put together in the opening 4 picture mosaic at the top of the post
what do you think?
do you like my choices?

 as for you, here is a just a small choice of products & pictures from her shop,
so that you indulge in a visual bath
before you hop over her shop for more designs, details & prices!

to find out more about her, just read {here}
she is the loveliest of persons!


are you yet in love with her work and notebooks as much as I am?
yes? I thought so ; )

have a delightful evening my dear friends 
 could it be that I'm a little less chatty than usual today?
could be ; ) 
c u soon!

Photo credit: Nika Perne for {Nika Perne Handamade Paper Goods} & collages curated by me


  1. Oh, I am so moved right now that I can not say how much :) lovely collages and such beautiful words.

    I can just say the same about your work and your aesthetic, the colours and photos in your etsy shop are just amazing. As I was looking the photos of your apartment on your blog and flickr, I was amazed. So I am realy happy that a person with a great style and wonderful sense of what is beautiful likes my notebooks so much :)

    Thank you for this amazing presentation,
    it means so much to me

  2. Happy as I could be Nika!...I guess it's impossible to hide true admiration & love for someone's work :)
    Thank you so much for all things wonderful that you said, too. You have coloured this posting evening so lovely!

  3. Wow! These are lovely little treasures you found! I can see why you are so in love with them. My favourite? The pink Vespa notebook and the ones in the last picture - stripped blue, pink and grey - love!

    Thanks for sharing =)

  4. They are all gorgeous...I agree with Holly re the pale pink Vespa notebook...divine ;)

  5. You are absolutely right! They are amazing!!! Loved them!! I wish this was my work!

  6. Nika works are absolutely stunning! I feel so inspired by them. The Vespa ones are just too cute :)

  7. Jo, Holly, Angelina, so glad you are now familiar with Nika's work and love it as much as I do!
    Barbara, absolutely agree with you :)

  8. She truly has amazing designs. I think I will have to order a few goodies for myself...