~ hello April!

Hello dears!
 It's April already + it seems that a long time has passed since previous Monday,
when you last left me... dancing with my vacume cleaner, somewhere {here}
a week ago.

Things are busy around here + there is lots to deal with, hence the infrequency of the posts last week.
How are you?
Thank you for your comments and visits despite my absence, it really means a lot.

My hands + fingers felt a little... overused during the past week & weekend,
as I was somewhere between helping out our technician, cleaning up the mess after,
accepting my current client on board (despite the mess) , styling + photographing cupcakes,
keeping the household, writing reviews,
sanding walls, and cleaning the mess after. Again.

Oh dear Lord. 
Can we please press FW and have this renovation ready + done?

Thank you. Then there can be more time for enjoying work + blogging + posting.
Or it's about time, I acquired amazing time management skills!

Yes, that indeed is going to help. And fatigue management ones, too ; )

Leaving lamentations aside, how about some recent shots around our home
I loved?
... mostly details and play between texture + light :

oh yes, we have curtains indeed btw.
And a new curtain holder designed by me,
using some cotton rope originating from Greece
and a few knots here & there.

Looks rather simple and classy, doesn't it?

That wall in the background is one of our current... battle fields.
Patience & hard work are virtues, aren't they my dears?

Let me be blessed with both ; )

Kindly asking you to not pay attention to the rotated picture, 
as I somehow wished to not correct it and like it so.
Just posting it so that there is a more clear curtain view.
But when once we'll be fully done,
there'll be a living room dedicated post.

Smiles :*)

... and to leave you with something fresh till next time,
a scene rather characteristic of our current breakfasts:
fresh strawberries + milk shakes, yum!

You can find a recipe {here},
which if you are following this blog's page on FB
you might have already read it, as it got posted there this past Friday.
If you read it, have you perhaps tried it?
Do share!
It's been my every day... strength drink in order to cope with everything.
Seems to work ;*)

Enjoy you weeks  + wishes for one wonderful April ahead!


  1. The curtains are gorgeous! The knot too - so original!

    1. Thank you very much for sharing your positive views Tamara! Very glad to hear them. Have a nice week :)

  2. Happy April to you too Iro!

    You place feels so sunny and happy! I'm so grateful for these glimpses into your home, makes me feel close by ;)

    Lots going on with you it seems and that's great. Here too. But I am also wishing for a fast forward button these days, more often that I like - I'm sure you know why. I have to keep reminding myself that the most important button on my life-player is in fact play ... and a close second is pause ;)

    Love your pictures, full of texture and light indeed! And the knotty curtain tie is fabulous! Now that's a great example of creative thinking.

    Big hugs Xx.

    1. There you are dear lady! And I was wondering... really happy to hear you :) I love your concept of life player, so well put & nicely said! Talking about creative thinking ;)
      I hope to talk more in person soon. A rather long mail got all lost after a minor internet crash for a tiny bit, which made me think that perhaps these days should better be concentrated on doing. Or as you wonderfully said: to play mode, with some pause moments in between in order to reflect, enjoy & digest life's blissful moments, as much as the more demanding & perhaps not so pleasant ones.

      Sending love + big hugs, too xoxo

  3. Kalo mina to you too, Iro!! I love your home - it already looks like totally finished. And your photography is amazing. You must take pics of my apartment - I bet it would look great through you lens (not so much in reality hahaha). Filakia!

    1. Hi Igor, kalo mina to you too!
      You always surprise me with your Greek knowledge ;)

      Looks totally finished? oh dear, if only the other half living here & friends who have come over like Holly only said the truth.

      I must have developed skills in deciding where to point my camera & temporarily camouflaging a little chaos ;)

      Thank you for your nice comments! I'm happy you like what you see. And I'd more than gladly snap around your roof apartment in Munich when I make it there. Hopefully this summer.

  4. Right now, I would love to fly over and meet you and Mrs Nosey and have strawberry milk shake....not caring at all if renovation is complete!

    1. Madhu my dearest friend,

      you are so welcome as you can probably imagine!

      Things have not been falling into plan concerning the renovation in many ways.
      Perhaps this is one of the main reasons I do make + am fond of plans, but I also like to trust the present & natural flow of life.

      Milkshake served in the living room corner, close to the front veranda, with Mrs Nosey by our side, who though is only nosy literally as she loves sniffing around, but a very gentle & discrete soul ; )

      I truly miss you my friend! Love + tight hugs :*) xoxo

  5. Nosey in the most loving, caring and adorable of ways, of course! :-)
    {{{{hugs}}}} to you too and miss you XX