Blog celebration + give away!

so  D o m e s t i c  s t o r i e s  are celebrating!

what are they celebrating?
eventually what am I as their editor, writer & godmother celebrating?

let's see together, shall we?
cause most important of all, 
all this is taking place thank's to 


You, Domestic stories and I are celebrating:

~ almost a year since the first "Welcoming" post back on the 10th of August 2010

~ more than 200 blog followers (currently 221)

~ more than 444 {currently 472} fans on the Facebook page created just 3 months ago,

~ more than 1320 people favoriting our respective etsy shop New Ivy Style {newivystyle}

~  addition of our shop to more than 611 circles since it reopened this April
{these etsy treasuries we are creating are making us quite popular & beloved indeed!}

~ 40 etsy Front pages

~ around 2830 hearts for the 54 items currently available

~ almost 1.500.000 views of my personal flickr acccount since July 2009

~ a year of cooperating with Ikea Family Live
& new ones to be coming!

~ a few publications & mentions of printed press like {this} feature among others

~ numerous mentions & features
on interior design blogs
like decor8, Apartment therapy, sfgirlbybay & many wonderful others
{some are mentioned in the "elsewhere, thank you" section on the sidebar on your left}

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

and then apart from numbers

D o m e s t i c  s t o r i e s  are celebrating a year of sharing creativity, reality, life, happinesses, worries,
hard times, good times...

a year of sharing life through a lens, a screen, a couple of keys on a keyboard
 a very eager to place herself out there person,
communicating who she is, 
what she does
what she loves,
sharing her passions, her experiences, her insight, her bright & sometimes goofy moments,
 right here with people like you,

who are inspired by living a creative, beautiful life, no matter the odds

last but not least  D o m e s t i c  s t o r i e s  are celebrating a year of  l e a r n i n g
cause this online community has be proven to be a fantastic teacher,
with the most fabulous of classmates & friends!

so before I go on with announcing the presents awaiting you,

let me THANK YOU one more time for brigning me right here,
exactly where I am...

It is just the perfect place to go on with my life, wishes & dreams to be coming true one by one,
day by day...


.... so time to put the cleenex away and proceed with a festive mood!

Here it is dear all:

one lucky winner will receive a 
F E S T I V E   G O O D I E S  B A G 
 from  D o m e s t i c  s t o r i e s  including:

a. 2 prints of your choice

b.  one paper boat garland from the {three designs available},
with the ability to customise the order

c. a little notebook much like {this one} 
currently available only off line,
which can also be customised

d.  a little secret surprise you'll love

e. another little secret surprise you'll love even more ;)

...and because D o m e s t i c  s t o r i e s  believe that whoever joins us* here is entitled to receive a present and be a winner,
starting Monday the 1st of August until the 10th of August 2011,
you may be entering the shop with
the code


and receive a 50% recuction to ALL items of the shop

{* s u b s c r i b e  to receive the posts by email, simply fill out THIS form}

.... so what do you think, are we festive enough?

here is a glimple of our  home decor shop:


now... what do you need to do so that you are entitled to enter the give away
& use the reduction code?

1. follow D o m e s t i c  s t o r i e s  blog via google and/or networked blogs

3. visit our shop {right here}

4.  return + leave a comment that you follow & like us + share which
prints you'd like to win 
which is your favorite paper boat garland from {these}

5. in the very probable case that you are already a blog follower & our FB liker,
simply share the link to this celebration on your wall
& tweet about it!

that's it my dears!
wishing everyone good luck!

The winner will be picked on the 11th of August 2011!

happy sharing with your friends & happy commenting!

and the loveliest of weekends ahead : )


P.S: you wouldn't happen to be too shy to share an opinion on {this recent post} would you? ;)


  1. As you may already know ... But just in case you have forgotten :D I am following you in everything you do.. but in a non creepy way of course :-)
    Your work is so inspiring and bright i love your style and attitude,
    At the moment my fav print is "Boats of hope"
    Thank you for being you :-)
    Natalie xoxo

  2. Hello, I am now following you (also not in a creepy way!). I love the vending machine print.
    Thank you for such a lovely giveaway. xo

  3. it looks so generous! i followed the steps now it's most hard part! choosing favs... i loved everything in your store after all! ενταξει...i would type "Love & Luck paper boat garland (Pink loves minty green edition)" and amazingly captured and titled "Frozen music" print.

    Besides- i would like to wish you at least 100 years of never ending inspirations and power to create that place. You can change the world through it, isn't it wonderful?

  4. woohooo, happy celebration lovely! what fabulous Giveaway! love you shop..difficult to pick a favorite, ineed! But I will try!

    I'd pick 'There where the light shines'! adorable and dreamy! xoxo fingers crossed!

  5. Happy anniversary, dear Ivy!

    Thank you very much for this giveaway. Even if I don't get any of these lovely gifts, it's a great pleasure I can call you my friend.

    I follow your Etsy shop, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Blogger posts, and that is probably the most serene part of my day!

    And now my favourites... the most difficult part, because I adore everything at your Etsy shop.

    Favourite prints:
    Boats - All for one and one for all - fine art photography print
    His and hers - fine art photography print

    Paper boat garland:
    Love & Luck paper boat garland (Pink loves minty green edition)

    And I can hardly wait to see your little secret surprise. :)

    Joy to you, dear!

  6. I could not miss to pop in now and then in your bright Greek world ;)
    Happy blog anniversary xxxxx

  7. Happy anniversary!! I just discovered your amazing blog via Vosges Paris.
    Instantly liked you on Facebook :-)
    Thank you so much for this beautiful Give Away, I'm in!

    My favourite print is Cupcake Love.
    Paper boat garland:
    Love & Luck paper boat garland.

    Fingers crosses!


  8. Happy Happy Anniversary! I am especially grateful for the existence of Domestic Stories because without it, I would have never met the lovely and inspiring person behind it ;) Here's to many more heartfelt and often poetic posts that provide so much inspiration, not only for home decor and styling but also from a personal viewpoint. Thank you! xoxoxox

  9. congrats, dear!!! oh yes i follow..and yes i posted..and yes...i am happy you are what you are...keep on going, sweet sunshine! happy sunday!

  10. A very Happy Anniversary to you my dear Iro. As you know I have only been aware of your lovely blog for just a few short weeks but is now a place I visit regularly.

    Your work is inspiring. I especially love the photograph 'Dive into the blue' (which was featured in a recent treasury I curated) and the 'Vendiing Machine For Happy Nuns' is not only a gorgeous picture (love the mix of the old historical architecture and the very contemporary coca-cola branded vending machine) but your little story about the cute thirsty nuns really made me laugh!

    Here's to another year of inspiring posts and creativity. I am so looking forward to seeing all of your new plans coming together and I wish you luck and success in everything you do.

    Jenny xx

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I'm Katia from Firenze. It's so good I discover your blog through this give way! So good to know your work and your style more through this celebration! I'm following you on flickr and Facebook and now I follow this gorgeous blog. I love your photographs because they add a sense of sweetness and softness and love for details to my colorful lifestyle! Thanks for your great work!!

    In particular I love:
    Eco friendly paper boat garland (more pink/violet/green for my living room ;))
    The depth of love

    ...I love your kindness too! :)*

  13. More and more blessings and love to you, my dear!
    Love all that you create and the way you include us in your journey. Happy anniversary and many many more! ♥

  14. Happy anniversary, dear!
    I follow you in every way that I can, and I will of course share this on Facebook :) Everybody should know about you and your lovely work!

    There is no way I can choose a print, because I love them all. If I´m so lucky to win, I want you to pick one :)

    I love all your paper boats as well, but I guess this one is my favorite: http://www.etsy.com/listing/74403281/love-luck-paper-boat-garland-pink-loves

    Keep up the good work!

    Lots of love,

  15. hi ivy! happy anniversary and congratulations!
    these wonderful collages set me already in vacation mood! (rhodos next week) :-)
    wish you happy celebrations and a fresh new week full of inspirations!

  16. Hi Ivy... I just can congratulate this wonderful idea... and of course I subscribe..I'd be so proud of winning... anything from you!! i love all!

  17. Hi there!
    Nina from Stylizimo sent me over and boy am I glad she did :)
    Following you now on fb and via google.

    When it comes to the prints I am swooning over the 'The time travellers' - just lovely!
    As for the garlands I think they are all brilliant, but the 'Pink loves minty green edition' stole my heart.

    Hugs and fingers crossed :)

  18. Happy Anniversary Ivy!
    Of course you know I adore everything you create! ~whether it is your photography, interior design, fashion styling, or lifestyle thoughts and words of wisdom~ you inspire and give from the heart in all that you do!
    Lots of love,

  19. Happy Anniversary Ivy and congratulations ...

    I have already followed your Etsy shop (as nohutcuk), Decoplace, Flickr and Blogger posts, and now I "liked" on FB page as "cafenohut"
    I always love your works, they are very peacefull and inspiring.

    The most difficult thing is to choose one of from among these lovely prints ; my favourite prints are "The three Magicians" and "aqua dream"
    Paper boat garland is Love & Luck paper boat garland (Pink loves minty green edition)..
    Thank you so much and lots of love...

  20. Hi Iro! I'm so happy for your Anniversary! I'm your FB fan and blog follower and i love your work!!!
    It's very difficult to choose but finally these are my preferences:
    prints: The three Magicians and All for one and one for all
    garland: Love & Luck paper boat garland (Pink loves minty green edition)
    Thank you very very much!

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Happy Anniversary, your creations are really cute and ispiration for me.. and your blog too...
    Choosing is too hard but at least.... The Time Travellers is my favorite!
    Paper garland: Love & Luck paper boat garland (Brown polka dots fell in love with minty green edition)
    Thank you so much for this beautiful giveaway!

  23. Meine liebe Iro,
    von Herzen alles Liebe und Gute zum Geburtstag deines Blogs. Ich freue mich mit dir :)!

    Bei deinen wunderschönen Dingen fällt mir die Auswahl wirklich sehr schwer, doch ich würde mich für die "Love & Luck paper boat garland (Brown polka dots fell in love with minty green edition)" und "The three Magicians" entscheiden.

    Liebe Grüße und einen schönen Abend, Nadine

  24. My dear Iro, as you know, I already follow you everywhere! I'm also following your blog twice, with my 2 gmail accounts! So, congratulations! I hope you stay around for many more years!
    My favourite prints (it's hard to pick just two) are:
    Baking Love and His and Hers
    The garland: eco friendly paper boat

    Have a lovely week (did you send the rain over to Portugal?? It's raining today...)

  25. following, liked you on FB, favorited your shop a while ago b/c I love the 'Cupcake Love' print and the 'candy sweet' garland!

  26. Following you on blog (actually loving this blog),following you on FB, liking all your prints and having a soft spot for that lovely boat garland with brown polka dots. And congratulations for everything, you definitely deserve it :)

  27. Following your blog already and loving not only your talent in decoration & photography
    but also
    your tender, loving writing and your heartly communication with everyone.
    Best wishes from Greece!!!

  28. so incredibly excited for you!!

  29. Happy Anniversary!
    I love your print The depth of love and the lovely boat garland with brown polka dots.

  30. Good for you!!! And how generous you are with this giveaway!
    Of course I already followed you, now also liked you on FB and hope that is enough to join. I like.... no loooovveee the prints "all for one and one for all" and "dive into the blue" and the recycled boats. And now I will keep my fingers crossed...
    x Iris

  31. Oh my dear, this is not something that surprised me: you really deserve all these things! ♥
    Of course I'm already a follower, and my choises are:
    "His and hers" print
    "Love & Luck paper boat garland (Pink loves minty green edition)"

    Finger crossed!

    A lot of hugs,

  32. Congratulations on your anniversary and on all of your well deserved success! I am so very inspired by you.

    I'm a follower of your blog and I 'like' you on facebook.

    Favorite print (so very hard to choose just one) is frozen music

    Love & Luck paper boat garland (Candy sweet line)

    Would love to win. xoxo, K

  33. Hi, as lots of others.. I follow you everywhere, before and now! Twitte, Fb, Google! Your posting and things are everyday such a positive and creative ispiration.
    My dreamed choices are "Eco friendly paper boat garland made" and "Dive into the blue".

  34. Oh, darling you know I love your blog :) and pictures and everything and can not believe I did not say it already - congratulations, your blog realy is amazing as you are - a reflection of a person writing it. And if I win :) you know I pretty much love everything that you make.

    Hope to see many many posts on this blog in the future,

  35. Love your work and my favorite picture must be "Cupcake love" (so hard to choose just one) anda the "Love & Luck paper boat garland (Pink loves minty green edition)".
    Kisses all the way from Portugal,

  36. Dear Ivy! I hope I am not too late! It is the 10th here in the U.S but alas it may not be so in Germany. Still I will put my entry in:D I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Aqua Dream and the 3 Magicians. For the paper boast garland I adore the brown polka dots and minty green one. I follow you in everything and have like your page on Face Book! I only just discovered your blog a month ago or so and feel in love with not only your design talents but also your depth of communication and joyful, sensitive, fun loving, honest nature. Thank you for putting your self out there and sharing with all of us. Many blessings to you from California! Nicole :D

  37. I follow via feed burner and would adore to win!