our rooster says it's Friday ...

 our rooster says it's Friday and he's in the mood to abandon once more* his role as a door stopper
  and do instead something more creative end enjoyable:

 show you around a favorite corner in our bedroom, where rather unexpected splashes of color
 in neon pink or else bright strawberry red shake up the tranquility of neutral tones,
 just enough to not be feeling like taking naps and relaxing all the time...

 {* during Easter time, this cute little rooster was seen a... chicken and jumped on our dining table to lay  eggs for us... isn't the world of writing & pictures so convenient sometimes... 
 everything can be curated as we wish ; ) }

 isn't it a nice example of how a little color in just a few objects can
 brighten up an otherwise neutral palette,
 wh ile at the same time leaving the space feeling light & airy,
without being overwhelmed with colors?

 what is happening here?

neutrals meet neon 
white sleek surfaces meet the texture of natural materials,

like the dried banana leaves from which this big basket is woven
 (so so long in my wish list and just a couple of days ago added to our home force)
- here holding an all cotton summer blanket from Habitat, purchased during sales of course, when I was renting my first individual home in Greece back in 2003, a 40 sm bungalow with its own garden .

the little basket on the surface of the wall mounded "sideboard",
 made out of two kitchen cupboard units as described here,
brings another color to the picture, that of orange, which is also found in the stripes of the pillows featured on the cover of a book which is all about exactly what the title says: a beloved Home or else a geliebtes Zuhause.

"wonderful" thinks the rooster ...

and proceeds with showing you around a little more...

look! the wallpaper meant to go on the wall of the bed's headboard like described here,
is unpacked and almost ready to be applied.


and an olive tree is enjoying the loads of light by the big windows,
after arriving here this winter in February,
when mother visited over and actually carried it in her suitcase

Yes, indeed, such things we do.

it is planted in a white ceramic pot with its own plate
and holds a little house shaped label,
where an important reminder is written:

"here lives Love"
period. hard times or not. this is the essence of life here.

  the rooster kindly asks you to not pay attention to the metal skeleton of our helping table,
the top of which is still not adjusted, as new screws are needed to be found.

instead he says, "focus your attention on this amazing London illustration print created by equally amazing

how more adorable can a city's illustration get?

not a single little bit.

to celebrate the occasion of welcoming long wished new items at home,
a new garland has been created,
to be added to the shelves of our on line store,
where you'll find "her" during the weekend.

"hurry up!" Mr Rooster is advising you,
"this is a one of a kind piece made from incredibly long lasting wallpaper samples,
which are though not available any more"

and to give you a rest to sink in all that has so far been said ans shared,
here is a little chance to relax by staring at the wonderful light of this
blurry image:

lost in light are here a pair of two more darling wallpaper garlands,
which though will be presented and revealed during the next post here,
when another secret corner of this bedroom is shared...

till then, enjoy a delightful Friday !

from our rooster and me the best of regards,

Iro, xx


All images of this post are styled & shot by me. Thank you for sharing/ linking / pinning with love & care.
Picture styling & creation: Iro Ivy Nassopoulos for Domestic Stories with Ivy 2012.


  1. What a lovely post. I found your shop on easy and fell in love with your beautiful style. When I liked it on my Facebook page, your link to your Facebook appeared. Lovely to find you and now your blog.


    1. Hello Karen!
      Thank you for looking through links and finding me here.
      I'm glad you did and it'S wonderful to read your thoughts

      Warm wished for a nice new week,

  2. I love Laura Amiss too! I have her New York print (this one http://www.etsy.com/listing/86896204/new-york-retro-styled-art-print) and I love it! So colourful and joyful!
    Your bedroom looks amazing! Pink is not one of my colours, but those pink details are just perfect! xoxo

    1. Thank you for your nice comments dear Rita! xx

  3. How nice of this little rooster to take us on a sweet tour of this bedroom corner. I'm really liking the pink and orange accents here - they surprised me, I have to say, but they are so perfect for liveliness and quite appropriate for spring and the summer that lies ahead. That Laura Amiss print is so special, nice choice Iro. And your garland is quite fun ... I doubt she will be making a home on your virtual shop shelves for too long ;)

    Happy Friday lady Xx.

    1. Hello Holly dear,

      thank you for your warm and lovely comments. It's always such a special treat to read them from you : )

      Hope your weekend was a nice one. We'll talk sometime soon this week xxx

  4. have a beauty filled weekend .. happy to glimpse your lovely corner ..and delight in you ETSY featured seller interveiw !

    1. Thank you for your kind wishes! Wishing you a great new week ahead, too :)

  5. Amazing... the lights, the delicacy .... I'm enchanted :-)